It is always such a mission to look for a place to go on a first date to. Where do you start? And it is even worse when it is a Tinder date of some kind. You two know very little of each other – other than both swiping right. So we are here to give you a date-night-proof option: The Piano Bar. This is literally MADE for first dates.

The Piano Bar in Waterkant (just behind the Cape Quarter) is a small, intimate little restaurant with live entertainment every night. This was our first time there and the votes are in: WE LOVED IT. (And if you don’t believe us – 292 people rated it on Google as a 4.2 stars.)

We cannot state this enough: this is the most perfect place for a date! Here’s why.

If the date is going really well (like really well…) music is the perfect start to the rest of the night. We believe it is quite telling if you both enjoy the same type of music.

If the date is super awkward and you don’t have anything in common except liking Game of Thrones – music is the best way to drown out the awkward silence(s) and it can also be a conversation starter, for example: “Ah, I love this song. Do you?” or “Do you like the acoustic version of this song?” If you get one-liners back, we are sorry my friend – we have no other suggestions other than to enjoy the lovely live music and your last meal together.

*One suggestion we do have is booking! And because we are so amazing – we went ahead and got you their deets!

Address: 47 Napier St, De Waterkant, Cape Town, 8001


And remember,

Stay TrendE.