It’s the beginning of #WOMENSMONTH in SA and can we just take a moment to celebrate US?

Rupi Kaur said it the best:

Our work should equip
the next generation of women
to outdo us in every field
this is the legacy we’ll leave behind

We don’t know about you – but this gal has seen the future and she’s here to tell us about it via her poetry. This poem is just a more sophisticated way of saying ”fries before guys,” but you get what we’re saying: TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

fries before guys

So in honour of this FIERCELY FAB FEMALE month, we are going to give you the ULTIMATE TOP 10 #GRLPOWER movies and series list. Let us know what you think and if we maybe skipped one – (because… FriYAY and we’re super ready for this weekend) just drop us a comment in the section below. Dim the brightness on your screen, queue background Apple music… and in no particular order:

1. Game of Thrones

(BC let’s be honest – I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel” is one of the most “YAAAAAS GIRL” moments ever on telly and also they really like having the ladies in power. And honestly… It’s Game of Thrones)

2. The Handmaid’s Tale.

It shows the strength and hardships of women (although set in a rather unusual setting…) but ‘They Should Never Have Given Us Uniforms If They Didn’t Want Us to Be an Army’ is also going down as a #badass moment in series nation. Obsessed.

handmaid's tale

3. Sisterhood of Traveling Pants.

We get it. Not the obvious choice but after all, we are going with the whole “together we are stronger” and it fits the bill, almost as much as the jean fits all the girls. (Don’t pretend you didn’t think of it. It was there for the taking.) Moving on.

4. Big Little Lies.

Enough said really. (V realistic and INCREDIBLE acting. FAV series – can’t wait for Meryl in season 2. Everything will be even better with Meryl. Not like Mama Mia 2. Just saying. Or was Cher enough? We should do a poll on this one. But back to BLL). Incredible. Binge-watch-worthy. Do it.

5.  10 Things I hate about you.

We know that this is not necessarily a #chickflick list, but this gal is super feisty and she don’t need no man (until there is nothing she hates about him. Not even a little bit. Not even at all.) Give her a break – he was such a heart-throb.

ten things I hate about you

6. The Proposal.

Also super Chick Flicky – but she showed us that it is SUPER NORMAL to love your job and kick ass at it. And if you want to fall in love – also fab. Living her best life. Except the deportation part.

7. Wonder Woman.

Because every girl needs to be able to look at supernatural movies growing up and see that women can be an unconquerable warrior. She is our Gal (Gadot). *Also there for the taking.

8. Moana.

Animations are filled with princessy type of movies and it is quite refreshing to see a GAL on a daring mission to save her people. Don’t get us wrong – love us some romance and princess scenes. *Sigh. (Really. Tears were shed at the #royalwedding).

9. Sex and the City.

Again, powerful gals – exploring relationships, work, sexual desires and just oh… the fashuuuuuun. Lord, have mercy. #iconic

sex and the city

10. Suffragette. A British historical period drama film about women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom. Again – a movie with our gal Meryl. Carey M is also brilliant.

Some of the names that would’ve made the list are: The Sinner (if you like dark, crime drama: #BINGEWATCH ALERT); The Help (*****), Legally Blonde; Miss Congeniality; Belle (if you like period dramas- a must. )

So to our GAL GANG: Have a FAB August. And life. Work hard. And play hard and live your best life!

Stay TrendE.