Every now and then we are confronted by a fashion item or trend that stops us dead in our tracks. *gasp. This weekend was one of those moments.

Point Bra
Source: www.livingly.com

We’ve come a long way (thank the POPE) since gals were loving the “bullet bra” trend. This brings us to our next point: there are some fashion fads which should be banned – merely for the fact that our offspring will one day point at our Insta post (if that is still *cool* at that time) and laugh. To avoid any future embarrassment, we have put together a NAY list. (This list is for when you think ‘YAY’ but your mind should be telling you ‘NAY’.)

You might be wondering what fashion faux pas could have spurred on this article? The wait is over, here it is:

Jennifer Lopez in jean boots

We usually LUUUURVE anything Jenny-from-the-Block sports – but this #lewk has got us scratching our heads. An actual WTF moment. WHY, Jenny, WHY (in Forest Gump voice)?!

Jean boots are just a NO from the get-go and it should be deemed illegal. We found some jean boots online which supports our argument.


We are not sure when these jeans would be appropriate? “T-shirt and a light jersey” weather? Or when you want to cool off your knees? It is a hard no from us.

Other trends we might look back at and think “this should’ve been a no from me” are:

1. Distressed clothing

Kanye made a whole collection of clothing that looks like they’ve been “previously loved.” We just cannot wrap our heads around the fact that you pay for something that looks like it is torn? AND YES WE UNDERSTAND RIPPED JEANS ARE ALSO TORN – but that just looks cooler. Argument over. Ultimately, a NAY from our panel.

Exhibit A. and B.

2. Small sunnies.

Yes, V fashionable now. But that is exactly our point . NOW. Fast forward a few years and we will be stuck with a whole album of summer pics which we could have posted each Thursday (#tbt) but we can’t – all because of these sunnies. And TBH, only celebs look good in them (provided that they have the right filter or the backdrop in in a small vila in Italy.) This is not a trend for us mere mortals. What’s your opinion on this? We say: NAY.

3. Croc Heels.

Do we need to explain ourselves other than just showing you pics? We don’t think so. A NAY.

4. Cropped Hoodies.

WHY ON EARTH did Kylie Jenner make this a thing? We don’t know what is more concerning: people who are actually wearing this or the designer(s) who are thinking this is a winning idea. Again – when is the appropriate time to wear this garment? (The obvious answer would be NEVER) but is it a “Spring to Summer” item or is it a “Rock up in the cluuuurb with” item. No conclusive evidence has been brought forward. Until then, we are going with the previously stated, obvious answer: NEVER. NAY.

5. Fanny packs

We understand that this can be adorbs and the designs can vary from leather to sequins. We are just struggling to get past the past: fanny packs were designed for middle aged men who are traveling with their families and are skeptic about the new streets they will be wandering through looking for mature cheese. To be fair… we are more on the fence about this fad than the rest of the picks. We will classify this as a Nay-ish.

Fashion is extremely opinion based. Our NAY’s could be your ultimate YAY trends. Did we miss a few? Let us know in the comment section below.

Our goal is just to help keep you TrendE.

Stay TrendE