Summer is approaching – and as we all know, summer bods are made in Winter (*eeeeek). If you were enjoying an extra Quarter Pounder with cheese (medium meal, Coke, no ice) and indulging in other comfort food because Cape Town has been freezing – then same.

Iggy Azalea tweet

BUT. Iggy is right. Please add “Truth Teller” to her Wikipedia page. Living your best life almost includes a bikini. And even though some of us has yet to reach our ‘ideal’ beach bod figure, we are looking at a few @Superbalist bikinis for some #summerinspo

Knot Tie front high waist Bikini set – R449

Superbalist bikini

Luuuuuurve this. Especially after all of the McDonalds meals and you gots to hide that tjoepie on the beach. No but seriously. This is gorg and quite timeless. There are subtle details (like the little bow) which makes it V cute BUT the simplistic nature of this bikini allows you to wear it for more than one summah. You can mix the set with other bikinis to switch up your beach glam.

The only thing about this suit is the tan would not be the best. But otherwise: checking out and waiting for the parcel to arrive.

Low side ruffle leg swimsuit – R499

We adore this colour! This is also great for gals who don’t want to show off their bellies but have a fab back. “Business in front, party at the back” kinda vibe. Love. This is also available in a equally adorbs polka dot suit. We quite like the cheeky little side-boob action happening and the ruffles are a sweet bonus.

Martha tie detail – R678

Top: R379

Bottom: R299

Superbalist bikini

The great thing about this cute bikini is that it is sold as separates. The bad thing about this cute bikini is that it is more expensive than the previous options. We are also not so sure about the little peep on the thigh… BC we don’t all have this model’s figure (which is totes normal) and we just have a bit more lovin’ on the thigh than her. Otherwise, a lovely pattern!

Citrus Swimsuit – R699

Superbalist bikini

This suit is the opposite of the previous full swimsuit – this suit is perfect for the gals who have flat tummies! Yellow is always a summer colour and we love that it is paired with a print. The detail of the little bow is fashuuuun and we think it could be super comfortable to hit the waves in. No sneaky boob alert on the beach. Once again – fashion comes at a price: both the literal price and the price of the tan you will catch.

Soda Tango – R698

Top – R399

Bottom – R299

Superbalist bikini

This bikini is also available in other colours. The reason why we are fancying this bikini is that it is just a “go-to” winner. The cut is also not too boring to be considered drab. The thicker straps are something different than the usual bikini and the bow glams it up a bit. If you are going for comfort and classic – then this is a winner!

Our votes are for the first black bikini set.

To (summer)ize:

  1. The best price
  2. Versatile
  3. Timeless
  4. Flattering

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

And remember,

Stay TrendE.