Veganism is on the rise and health-consciousness has never been more TrendE. This is why we visited Raw and Roxy this morning to see what the craze is about. A sugar-free, dairy-free restaurant serving gourmet food – with nothing heated over 40’C.

Raw and Roxy Cape Town Restaurant

How it started

We met up with owner Beatrice Holst to give us a lil’ more insight as to WHY she started Raw and Roxy and being Vegan herself. Beatrice, originally from Denmark, came to South Africa and started, what is now, Raw and Roxy. She said she opened the store with R2000 and 3 plastic chairs. Since then, she moved from her restaurant in Bree Street to where it is currently located at 38 Hout Street, Cape Town.

Raw and Roxy Cape Town Restaurant

As non-vegan / meat-lovers, we were not really sure what to expect. Beatrice let us taste a few of her items on the menu. We had a kale snack, which consisted out of kale, red pepper and red onion and some secret spice. It was surprisingly delicious!

Raw and Roxy Cape Town Restaurant

She also let us taste – what she has calls –  Rocket Fuel: a replacement for coffee. It tastes of cacao and gives you energy and it is full of beneficial ingredients. Again – reaalllly fab. If this is what “healthy” tastes like – sign me up.

Raw and Roxy Cape Town Restaurant
Rocket Fuel!

Meals and prices

The menu consists of smoothies, crepes, lasagna, pasta, salads, curry, sushi and pizza – all made with healthier, alternative ingredients. Prices ranging between R75 and R135 for meals and juices come in 4 sizes: Reg, Large, XL, and Jumbo; ranging from R50 to R105.

Raw and Roxy Cape Town Restaurant Vegan

Vegan Raw Treats

And now for the sweet stuff, or as Beatrice calls it: “Raw Treats.”

The Raw Treats line-up: Chocolate Ganache, Snickers, Blackberry/ Lemon Lime Cheesecake, carrot cake, peppermint Oreo cookie, tiramisu and ice cream – all with a healthy twist. Prices ranging from R55 and R75.

Raw and Roxy Cape Town Restaurant Vegan

It is still not completely convinced on going vegan – Raw and Roxy is a great initiative and gorgeously decorated restaurant worth visiting.

The Menu

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