The MTV VMA’s were held last night and with it came the best and the … not so great fashun! US Weekly provided us with the images (Getty Images as well) – and we’ll be providing you with our thoughts on the gals dresses. And you’re here to agree / disagree!

Female Rappers: Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj

Cardi B MTV VMAs
Cardi B

Cardi B can do no wrong, OKURRR. This Best New artist had a baby just the other day and she is wearing a tight-AF dress – she deserves the praise. Also loving the pixie cut: V TrendE (also super hard to pull of*). The earings and the dress complement each other well! 10/10. The mullet-dress style has never really tickled our fancy but Cardi Bardi, banging body, Spicy mami, hot tamale is looking fine as hell in it.

Nicki Minaj MTV VMAs
Nicki Minaj

From one female rapper to the next. Nicki, Nicki, Nicki… We understand you also won an award and that this is a ”fun” carpet. But please. You don’t have to look like a Love Island contestant who has just received a text and has to leave the villa immediately. Her face looks gorge though: flawless skin. BUT.

Best dressed female rapper goes to: CARDI B.

Circus: A dream or disaster?

Sofia-Carson-MTV VMAs
Sofia Carson

We’re not too sure who this gal is – but she is looking mighty fine in this Caroline Herrera dress. A dress that could go either a) CIRCUS or b) Fab – chose to go the fab direction. Unusual, young and TrendE. #circusdream

Iggy Azalea

Staying with the circus theme. Here we have Iggy A. who thought it was a themed party and got confused as to which theme she wanted to pick. So she went with two: Catholic Circus. Catholic (earrings) and circus: self explanatory. A hard no from us. #circusdisaster

Tres Chic or Snoozefest?

Blake Lively MTV VMAs
Blake Lively

Relatively unsure why Blaky was invited to this Music event – but that face is so gorge, so who can blame her for people wanting to see it more often. This outfit reminds us of something that should’ve been at this year’s Met Gala. We are stuck: we cannot choose whether we hate it or kind of love it. The jury is still out on this one – what do you guys think?

anna kendrick MTV VMAs
Anna Kendrick

We do, however, know this: THIS IS A SNOOZEFEST. Nothing bad about this dress / look (nothing good about it either). We’re just like “NEXT.” It screams “Afternoon Wedding” and we’ll leave it at that. Just ONE more thing: burn the shoes.

Less is more?

No. This is a hard no. These ladies look as if they’re in great shape but WHAT THE ACTUAL? We can still deal with Blac Chyna’s outfit and her hair and makeup looks divine but there is a time where you just have to draw the line. And that time came when we saw Amber Rose’s outfit. Or should we say COSTUME. We are all for thought-provoking fashuuuun – but the Madonna bra in the Devil costume and the face mask and the whip and the fishnet stockings and the thong. We C A N N O T deal.

Menswear inspired FASHUN

The blazer dress is a trend we are SO HERE FOR. Actually – all menswear inspired female fashion is a YAS from us. Kylie and Maddie slayed the pink carpet and our faith in fashion is restored.

More WHAT THE ACTUAL moments

First of all, we have to say this gal on the left has ABS we can only dream of but this is most definitely the richest poor looking person to walk the pink carpet. We cannot make sense of this outfit: broken bra, hospital bloomer attached to a Bear Grylls pants and paired with some V expensive sneakers. *shook in the worst possible way.

Then Tiffany H decided to highlight her crotch area with an oval. Remember what “they” always say: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION is the most important.

Grace vdWaal or her stylist (hopefully this is not a stylist’s doing) had PARIS on the mind when they got her into this outy. Also a hard no from us. There is just way to many elements to this lewk and is anything BUT effortlessly chic.

Amandla Stenberg MTV VMAs
Amandla Stenberg

We only saw her name on US Weekly (not sure who she is) but she looks like she went to Forever21 for her entire outfit and we cannot decide whether we like it or not. Do you?

Then some looks we did like / love!

All of these ladies look well-groomed and put together but we are CRUSHING so hard on Millie Bobby Brown’s outfit. The shoulder detail, the cut of the top and the pants. PERFECTION. We have seen stranger things happen on the pink carpet, but BLACK is KILLING IT.


  1. Cardi B and Millie Bobby Brown

WORST DRESSED: (without a doubt)

Amber Rose.


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Stay TrendE.