A music video that changed the game. A music video that started a conversation. A music video that won awards. This is America by Childish Gambino made headlines as it hit ONE MILLION views in record time. But it is much more than that – This is America is now seen as a piece of protest art, communicating all the problems America is facing today.

The success of this video spread and it inspired artists to make their own versions of their countries. This is Nigeria and This is South Africa also showcases the difficulties of the different countries.

A video that is so full of meaning, symbolism and hidden meanings – it is almost impossible to pick up on all of it in only one take. It is such a jam-packed video, that there are even explainer videos to guide you through the meaning and symbolism.

Using choreography, literature and history to showcase the problems (such as gun violence, the high rate of mass shootings in the United States, along with longstanding racism and discrimination against African Americans.

Gambino’s new video garnered close to one million views in the first hour and soared to an estimated 12.9 million views in the first 24 hours. A music video that is so powerful in its message – is also now award-winning.

At the 2018 MTV VMA’s, This is America took home three wins and was nominated for another four categories.


  • Best video with a message
  • Best choreography (Sherrie Silver)
  • Best Direction (Hiro Murai)


  • Video of the year (Winner: Havana – Camilla Cabello)
  • Best Art Direction (Winner: Apeshit – The Carters)
  • Best Cinematography (Winner:  Apeshit – The Carters)
  • Best Editing (Winner: N.E.R.D ft Rihanna – Lemon)

If you have not watched it – please do. It is a song that will continue to break barriers and start needed conversations.