Known for their lekker jols and being a cool hangout place – La Parada is highly underrated when it comes to their food. YES, it’s true. We mostly are seen at La Parada when we are keen for a party, busy partying, or leaving the party. But we’ve recently sat down and actually, wait for it… ATE there. And it was delish.

The WHOLE TrendE team went – and we’re quite a hungry bunch (usually) and to  prevent further hangryness to kick in, we ordered ALL the SHARING plates instead of the tapas. Jealous? We can just imagine. Salivating? We know the feeling.

*WARNING* The following images will increase your food cravings.

Chicken Feast – R280

The menu is all about tapas, snacks and then the sharing-style options. The waiter suggested ordering 2-3 tapas per person. There is really something for everyone. We are a group made out of meat-lovers and vegetarians and everything in between – and we were all happy-chaps.

Whole Baby Kingklip – R190

Favourite thing on the menu: Truffle Potato Crisps (R37 – Bar Snack, but it also comes with the Chicken Feat sharing option). If you don’t believe us – just order it and thank us later.

Beef Flank Steak – R280

The meals are hearty, nothing too “fancy” (which is GREAT for starving bellies). Next time you are not partying (or even recovering from one) – give La Parada a visit. We promise it is worth it.

If you still don’t believe us (although that would be mind-boggling – have you seen the food pics??) – here is a full menu of all they have to offer. You’re welcome 😉