Online shopping in South Africa is still only about 1% of all shopping (World Wide Worx, 2017), but is there a reason for this? Because we can’t find one.

The exclusivity of it all is AMAZEBALLS.

Yes, you might not want to admit it – but OMG it is nice to have clothing that the rest of the Western Cape doesn’t also have. And yes – we know that there are many items available in each size but it isn’t made in the masses (or so it seems). We just end up feeling fashion-forward and super TrendE wearing HOT-OF-THE-PRESS fashuuuuun with limited availability.

Earlier in the year online shopping giants Superbalist and Spree announced that they will merge and become one massive e-retailer! (We have mixed feelings about this, but hey – they gotta do what they gotta do, and that is to compete against e-retailing giant, Amazon entering SA).

We kick things off with the seem-to-be FAV (for now) under our TrendE reader age demographic: Superbalist.


We’re here to dish on all you need to know about Superbalist and WHY you should shop there:

The fashuuuuun, honey.

Superbalist caters for the YOUTH and it is the go-to for TrendE pieces, latest fashion at affordable to expensive prices. Superbalist – also now with their own line – is a curated online fashion store. Men, women, apartment – it is all there. Superbalist also has a very wide variety of brands, from international to local.

We have to say: these are the #fav brands on Superbalist for women (soz guys!)

  • Dailyfriday
  • Superbalist (own collection)
  • Missguided

Another bonus: they are super quick with delivery (if you live in the metropolitan areas/ CBD) and if you don’t like the item – the return and refund happens swiftly and without hassle. *touch wood.

Where: OR on their app!


YAAAAAAS Spree. We are all here for you. Spree differs ever so slightly from the Superbalist demographic. Superbalist targets a slightly younger audience – or let us rather say this: If you asked a student where would they rather shop, their answer will be (8/10 times) Superbalist. Spree also has some of the “hip” the brands that Superbalist has but has a larger focus on TrendE working outfits and a bit less “in the now”, if that makes sense. As avid Spree’ers (we know that is not the name for spree shoppers, but let it slide plz), we truly adore this site. The only thing that could be something to look out for – the return process takes longer than Superbalist’s, or that is definitely the case if you purchase on a current account / card.

BUT, nevertheless, here are some brands to look out for on the Spree website / app:

  • Style Republic
  • ONLY
  • c(inch)

Where: or on their app!


V different to the other e-retailers, RunwaySale offers a truly unique online shopping experience. RunwaySale works like this: designer brands are offered on a MASSIVE discount but only for a select time. For example, you can buy a Marc Jacob watch for just under R2000, instead of the hefty R4000 original price tag. “Events” run for about a week, but it depends on the available stock. Delivery also works a little bit differently – orders can take up to one month to be delivered but if you’re item is in stock and you live in the CBD area, it takes much quicker. If you’re a fashionista on a budget – RunwaySale is sure to bring you the TrendE brands with a much suitable price.

Screenshot_2018-08-30 MARC JACOBS WATCHES

Where: or on their app!


We did a study and it seems that their major target audience is the working gals and guys. Focusing a lot on work attire – Zando is the go-to when it comes to more office-friendly, corporate items. Although having some fashuuuuun statements, Zando captures an audience which is a lil’ older than the Spree and Superbalist audience.

Why we love Zando:

Zando has some LEKKER LOCAL brands on their site / app, which the other online retailers do not have. Here are some brands to look out for:

  • ByCARA
  • Legit (although they have brick and mortar stores, it is so convenient to buy online if you cannot go to the mall)
  • MovePretty (if you want to exercise and move pretty while you do it)

Where: or on their app!


MrPrice is obviously only selling their own brands on their online store – BUT: lemme tell you this, and it might be surprising: MrPrice has FANTASTIC customer service. Always a massive bonus when you are treated like the queen that you are.

Plus – they really have cute items and you don’t have to sell your kidney for it. So winning. We find that the trick is to check online EACH day (or every few days) because they generally upload new stock each day. DON’T BE MAD IF THEY DON’T. But it is like Pinterest of clothes – scrolling through all the pretty things.

Where: or on their app!

The Fix

We are SO HERE FOR THIS. The Fix recently launched their online store and OMG aren’t we over the moon. It’s been a long time coming. Again – only selling their own label online (and also not on an app, yet) – but we LOVE IT. A fashion fix! Something V TrendE to spice up your outfit at a very affordable price! We’d say that it delivers the “NOW” fashion very quickly and makes you even more TrendE at a quicker rate.

Here are some things we found on their site!


Whether you’re looking for TrendE items for this weekend’s jol, a sneaker from your fav international brand, an interview outfit you’ve got coming up – SA’s online retailers has got you covered. Do not be hestitant to shop online, these e-retailers are trustworthy and have every single thing in check to combat shady behaviour!

There you go. Now go online and shop till ya drop!

And rember,

Stay TrendE.

*Images are via the e-retailing websites listed and are not our own. We do not sell these items – it is the property and products of the e-retailers listed.