If you’ve ever been searching for a restaurant that is a feast for the eyes and taste buds – you can thank us later. Milk and Honey Bar is like an Instagramable fiesta and we’re not even going to pretend that we were cool, calm and collected when we were walking in and experiencing it at first glance.


The interior is literally so GORGE that you can take the perfect pic anywhere you are seated. Marble table tops, pink walls, massive artworks, extravagant chandeliers… SIGN US UP. High tea, light lunch, TrendE dinner spot – this picturesque little bar on the corner of Hans Strijdom Avenue is the perfect place for any event or celebration.


If the interior of Milk and Honey is not enough to blow your mind, then nothing will. soz. not soz. But if you are really wanting more out of your dining experience – listen up (quite literally). On Wednesday nights they have Jazz nights; and Thursday and Friday nights they have a DJ to play live music in this TRES CHIC bar/restaurant.


The staff is EXTREMELY friendly and just seem like the type of people any Trendee could be friends with. While we were there, there was a group of FASHUUUUUNISTAS taking pics to blow their followers’ minds – which goes to show that this is really THE place to be. #TrendE AF.

Now for the food. We ordered the “fish and chips”, cheese burger, and the seared fillet salad. All three were amazing – we just think that the seared fillet salad is more for the “just a bite” customers, whereas the other two meals were rather substantial (or enough for 2 gals).


We can’t say for sure what made us order the dessert – maybe to be in this restaurant for a lil’ longer and be surrounded by beautiful rose-gold trimmings, or we just are overindulging in life. Both seem highly likely. Anyway, we ordered the honey ice cream with honeycomb.





The dessert gods smiled upon us and blessed us with this dish. Sweet – but not overly sweet. Big yet not too big. Pretty to look at. It ticks all the boxes. We were having it! But we must say: the strawberry daiquiri was a bit of a disappointment – being a daiquiri connoisseur of sorts – but the friendly staff members were so understanding and did not ring it up on the bill. It was then swapped out for a bezza and everyone was happy.

Price-wise: all of us ate a main and a dessert and had a drink and our bills each came up to about TWO HUNDY.(Not bad if you take into account the views and the DJ. Did we mention the grass roof?) Also – you cannot moan about paying if you are also getting an Insta pic which is sure to reap in many likes in return. That is what we call #winning.


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Although new to the scene (they opened up two months ago) we cannot picture our life without a regular dose of Milk and Honey. Life is truly a bit sweeter and more beautiful with this bar in Town.