They All Liking It, So They Putting a Ring on It!

Lets talk love – celeb love, to be exact. Within the last 3 months, we’ve seen and heard of multiple celeb couples becoming official – and by official, we mean “he liked it so he put a ring on it”-official. In fact, we’ve lost track of how many celeb weddings we’re going to be attending (we wish * sigh).

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson

ariana and pete.png

After only a couple weeks of dating, the couple got engaged, and the PDA is never-ending. The former Nickelodeon star and GIAW (God Is A Woman) singer, seems head-over-heels for Davidson, SNL (Saturday Night Live) cast member, and vice versa. Both seem happier than ever, and despite fan controversy of whether or not the couple will last, they stand strong in their love for one another. We guess Cat Valentine from Victorious has finally found her forever-Valentine.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin

bieber and baldwin

bieber ig caption.png

Throwback to 2010, when we thought, by some miraculous event, that we’d end up married to the Baby heartthrob, and then to 2011 when Selena Gomez entered the picture and everyone thought that Jelena would be 4eva. Bieber is now happily engaged to, and seemingly obsessed with his new fiancé, Hailey Baldwin. The couple made their engagement official on 10th July, when Justin posted this (below) on Instagram, and all we can say is: We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Nick Jonas & Priyanka Chopra

Untitledjonas captionpriyanka caption

On August 18th, the pair both posted this photo on Instagram with the following captions. The dating rumours started in May 2017 when the pair attended the Met Gala together, but without any confirmation, the rumours disappeared just as quickly. A year later, the rumours resurfaced as the pair were spotted spending more time together, as well as posting adorable comments on each other’s Instagram photos. A few months later and the couple are officially engaged! All that matters now is that she is fully and completely aware of the fact that he ‘eats cheese, but only on pizza, please, and sometimes on a home-made quesadilla, otherwise it smells like feet to him.’ #CampRock

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-By Juliette Aimée