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THE ACE FAMILY RECENTLY GOT BACK FROM THEIR TRIP TO DISNEYLAND… finding their house broken into. THE ACE FAMILY then posted a video onto their YouTube channel filming the cops & more which left everyone suspicious! Did they really fake their house robbery? Read more to find out about the spilled tea!

What happened

A lot of controversy around the Ace family has emerged ever since they hosted a ‘basketball charity event’. The Ace family is the most popular family YouTube channel, reaching 10 million subscribers in just 2 years!

The Charity Event

Austin McBroom stated that the ‘basketball charity event’ was dedicated to charity. The winner basketball team would donate all proceedings to charity. McBroon specifically mentions in one of their YouTube videos that the winning team will donate $100,000 to any charity of their choice.

Photo 2
Via Instagram

What happened to the other $25,000

Austin Mcbroom’s team won and subscribers who were at the charity event as well as subscribers who watched the charity event live at home, noticed that a cheque of only $75,000 was donated to charity… what happened to the other $25,000? This is when subscribers started doubting the family and people started calling them liars and scammers.

Alleged house robbery

The family got called out for ‘staging’ and ‘faking’ their alleged house robbery. Their house was alledgedly broken into while they were on a trip to Disneyland. They then posted a YouTube video capturing the broken glass where the alleged robbers gained access into their home. Austin also showed many police vehicles were outside their home.

The first thing subscribers pointed out was that the Ace family posed for a thumbnail for their video after the break in. It came across as a joke and left many subscribers questioning if this incident really took place. Some suggested that if the robbery was real, they wouldn’t pose for a thumbnail and it would be the last thing on their mind?

Photo 3
Via YouTube

Not only did subscribers call them out for posing for a thumbnail but also the famous Trisha Paytas gives her input on the thumbnail calling it “bullshit”, take a look.

Photo 4

The question still remains, did the Ace family really fake their house robbery?

Let’s spill some tea

When the Ace family gave a house tour, they told viewers that they have installed cameras all around the house; however, during their latest video on their house robbery neither Austin, Catherine, or the cops, mentioned anything about accessing the camera footage. Something just was not adding up. In the video we can see exactly where the cameras were situated. Funnily enough, there was a camera right by the glass door where the robbers gained access into their home.

photo 5
Via Instagram account @acefamilycancelled

Austin claimed on his live Instagram video that their camera inside their house ‘can’t see when the lights are off. What a feeble excuse! They live in a million dollar house with cheap cameras? We don’t buy that excuse: cameras were designed to capture footage during the day and at night.

Subscribers started to find more evidence which supports the rumours that the Ace family might have faked their house robbery. Subscribers and the public believes that the family hired cops to play along as an act simply because the cops shown in the video were unprofessional.

Some even noticed that one of the cops seen in the video posted, looks almost the same as the cop actor being advertised on the hiring cop actors site. Take a look for yourself!


What are your thoughts thus far?

The evidence

After the whole fiasco surfaced the internet, popular YouTuber, Keem Star,  took to Twitter with the ‘actual’ police report.

photo 9.png

Let’s have a closer look and analyze the police report.

photo 10.png

Many suggested that this could be the date of the police file report (05/17) which is obviously not the date corresponding to the incident.

photo 11.jpg

photo 12.jpg

Another suspicious point about this police report is the occupation stated. Is ‘celebrity’ an actual occupation, if it is where can we sign up?

Catherine Paiz took to Snapchat and Instagram the following, but has since removed it.


No further details has been given about the Ace Family’s house robbery, Austin and Catherine haven’t uploaded a new video yet. Instead they’re keeping a low profile for the time being.

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