What went down

The VMAs definitely delivered their fair share of shady and cringe-worthy moments.  From Travis Scott reminding Nicki Minaj that her album was number 2 to his number 1 album, Astroworld; during his performance…

travis scott

Tiffany Haddish

To Tiffany Haddish throwing major shade at the ‘not so poppin’ remaining members of Fifth Harmony about the fact that they weren’t even present at the awards while their ex-member, turned solo artist, Camila Cabello, was nominated for 5 awards.


Cardi B

But we digress; because the most cringe-worthy moment of the night has to be Cardi B’s awkward opening speech, and especially the priceless reaction from her husband, Offset; which the shady cameraman made sure to catch.

offset and quavo


Cardi B did not disappoint when it came to serving us MILF on a platter, especially since this was her public debut since having her baby girl, Kulture Kiari Cephus.  She came through drippin’ in a red off-the-shoulder dress with a dramatic thigh high slit and a dramatic red lip to match, with an unexpected pixy-cut that the Internet believed was rich-people-Kris-Jenner inspired.

Cardi b

She did what?

Cardi B came out carrying what most of the world were trolled into believing was baby Kulture; wrapped in a pink baby blanket.  And by most of the world we mean including her husband and baby daddy, Offset; who was not at all happy about Cardi bringing their new-born daughter out on stage.

Cardi b tweet

Offset’s reaction

Our best friend for the night, the shady cameraman, made sure to catch Offset’s not amused expression when his baby mama, Cardi B, made a corny joke that didn’t receive much laughter from the crowd.  Cardi finesses through that awkward moment by getting a laugh from the crowd when she unwraps the baby blanket and revealed a VMA Moon Man instead of baby Kulture.

Cardi b

The Internet detectives were on it the next day with conspiracy theories that the trap power couple were having trouble in their marriage.

Cardi b and offset

Cardi B shut down those rumours by explaining in a tweet why Offset looked upset when she was on stage.

Cardi b and offset

They later both took to the gram to post Bae Goals types of pictures of themselves together, with Offset captioning his sweet pic ‘Whisper in her ear.’  There’s clearly no trouble over here, right?

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