People often want to know where the best place is to eat in Cape Town is. And for the most part we can’t tell them – it’s all about mood. There is no one place that reigns supreme over the rest.

Quintessentially unique

But then there’s the Hidden Leaf, if you can excuse a small hyperbole, it might be the best restaurant in the world. What’s so amazing about the Hidden Leaf is how quintessentially unique it is (and we use unique in italics because we know it is somewhat of a buzzword). The moment you walk in you find a quiet peaceful apartment sprawling with books and a fragrance that fills your soul with the kind of feeling only Mom can give you.

The Hidden Leaf Eatery

Why we love it

It’s a small place, often only two or three people are working at a time. But being small means you get a chance to get to know the establishment. Everyone working will be introduced to you, even the chef’s. And on a few quiet shifts the chef may even come out to personally take your order. And when the food comes, you’ll be amazed. Being so close to the harbour, you can trust that the fish will be so fresh it basically swims.

Vegan friendly

And if, like a few of our readers, you’re attempting to begin the journey into veganism – you will find a home here. Not only do they have a variety of vegan dishes that will help you avoid the trap of eating the same thing every time; they also know that being vegan doesn’t mean being hungry. So, they serve you with great portions of food so good you might cry.

The Hidden Leaf EateryThe Hidden Leaf Eatery


Then there are the drinks. The menu constantly changes but every addition is made with a purpose. You can tell that the bartender cares for his craft because he will go into detail explaining every drink that their making that day and why you should try them all. Usually when you go out it’s better to be simple: beer, whisky or wine (in a clean glass) and everything is good. But here, it’s time to get adventurous. Some say that once you try one Mojito you’ve tried them all but that is just plain wrong. Up until now, you’ve just been drinking rum, lime juice and soda (and sometimes just a pre-made mix). At the Hidden Leaf the ingredients weren’t just put into a glass and shaken, they were carefully curated, plucked at the height of their flavour so that their combination could excite every fibre of your being.

The Hidden Leaf Eatery

The views

And then, as if you weren’t already convinced. The pièce de résistance comes on the balcony, where you’ll be welcomed by a gorgeous panoramic view of devils peak towering above in its majesty. At sunset you can enjoy dinner listening to the birds and watching the sun fade into a purple glow over the edge of the horizon. Maybe with someone special, maybe just with a good book. No matter what the occasion –  it will always be a good idea to visit the Hidden Leaf.

The Hidden Leaf Eatery

Where to find The Hidden Leaf?

Address: 77 Roodebloem Rd

Tel: 021 447 4868

Opening hours / days: Tuesday – Saturday


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