This year’s New York Fashion Week (#NYFW) seems to have a whole lot more drama than actual fashion.  While in past years most headlines about Fashion Week have been about the runway and red carpet fashion, this year’s NYFW has certainly been overshadowed by all the drama happening off the runway.

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From the most sensational New York Fashion Week headlines being about the brawl of the year involving Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, to rumours of behind the scenes ‘attempted sabotage’ between the iconic designer, Marc Jacob, and the all-round icon, Rihanna.

6PM. Sharp.

Those who truly follow the New York Fashion Week scene will know that Marc Jacobs’ 6 PM runway show is famously known to close out the entire week, and is somewhat the ‘grand finale’.  Well, this has been the case until this year, where the week was actually scheduled to be closed by Rihanna’s debut of the SavageXFenty lingerie line, at 7:30pm on Wednesday.

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Marc Jacobs has been one of the most punctual designers in all the years he has been taking part in closing the show.  His 6 PM show is exactly what the name suggests, which means the show begins at 6 PM. PRONTO.  Unlike most designers, who are usually fashionably late for their slots, Marc Jacobs was one of the rare designers to never be late.  Until this year. And oh child, we are here for the drama.

Pretty Petty

Mr. Jacobs must have been feeling a little salty because he was aware that most of those in attendance at his show were also invited to Rihanna’s closing show.  He knew that starting his show an entire hour and 30 minutes late would have caused many to not attend Riri’s SavageXFenty Launch or at least arrive a little late.  Can we say shady? The fans seem to think so.

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However, it seems like no amount of shade can stop Rihanna from shining bright like a diamond.  According to news outlets covering both the Marc Jacobs and Rihanna shows on closing night, many attendees of the Marc Jacobs runway show actually left his show early to make it to Rihanna’s on time.  Jacobs surely takes the L on this one.

Rihanna’s SavageXFenty show is what runway dreams are made of. Models from all sorts and shapes – even pregnant models. Model-sister-duo Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid also donned the runway – alongside the tripple-threat Rihanna herself.

A runway show – almost like theatre honey – also had some dancers to entertain the audience.

The models

One of the pregnant models, Slick Woods, recently revealed that she was in active labour during the show. The model gave birth only hours after walking the SavageXFenty line and took to Instagram to tell the world that she runs the world.

SavageXFenty slick woods
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Drama, drama, drama. And we’re here for all of it. What do you think – was Marc Jacobs being a Savage? Let us know in the comments below.

And if you didn’t see the show – here are some pics via the SavageXFenty Instagram account.

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