Is it just us or are we having a cat-eye blast from the purr-st? TrendE is investigating the newest MUST-HAVE summer trend: cat-eye sunnies and interesting shaped sunnies.

Why we love the industry

Gosh…how we love the fashuuun industry! How versatile and ever changing it is – YET we are seeing trends reinventing themselves from way-back-when and re-entering our cupboards.
Who would have thought that these finicky furry dare devils would make such a
huge comeback in 2018?! (*meow) And trust me they’re here to stay #yippy

Cat Eye Sunnies

These babies literally look amazing on everybody that wears them. The cat eye glasses is the perfect final touch to take your outfit to the next fashion level. Sunnies have the ability to make your everyday look, look super TrendE. Luckily for us, the South African fashion buyers of the world is super clued up and now we have so many options to choose from.

We did a little digging, here is what we found:


Superbalist never disappoints! A soon-to-be SPREE/SUBERBALIST merged online retailer- we are super in love with these sunnies. If you like living on the edge, you can get yourself these slim and yellow catties to brighten up your dull look OR if you like keeping things simple, there’s an option for you too! This black, bold pair has you sorted.


Spree also has quite a variety, retailing from as little as….wait for it….R79. Yep, these white cat-eyes caught our eyes. We’re already imagining the outfits you can pull off in these, dear Trendees!

cat eye sunnies


Now, if you like keeping it exciting AND classy, Zara has got you covered with a variety of these leopard printed bold cat-eyes. The safari-chic look is MAJOR at the moment and we all know you can’t go wrong with leopard print. *heart eyes*

cat eye sunnies

Let’s all agree that there are cat-eye glasses for everybody! Whether you like keeping it minimalistic or whether you’re eccentric, don’t fret – you’re sorted. Other brands to keep an eye on is Cotton On – serving some great lewks and affordable sunnies.

Now go get yourself a pair (or two) and release your inner cat….the right way!

Stay TrendE