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The beefs never seem to end in hip hop… and honey we are here for the tea. Eminem‘s recent response-diss track to Machine Gun Kelly‘s response diss track, to Eminem‘s original diss track (we know – confusing) broke the internet a few days – ooh child, we can barely keep up with the diss tracks.  And speaking of ‘diss tracks’, Cardi B’s new feature on ‘Backin’ It Up,‘ by her longtime friend and label-mate Pardison Fontaine, just dropped this week. And we’re here to give you all the deets on this #hottopic

Cardi B and Lil Kim

While it’s great to see so much buzz around more females in hip hop, BUT it would be great if most of it were more positive.  In the music video for the song “Backin’ It Up”, Cardi B is rocking a Lil Kim inspired wig, fur coat and the shades to complete the lewk inspired by Lil Kim’s 1997 hit song, “Crush on You”.\

Cardi B and Lil Kim
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Many fans commended Cardi on paying homage to Lil Kim in the video, which is something a lot of people have criticized Nicki Minaj for not doing, considering how often her style and looks have been similar to those we’ve seen Lil Kim rock in the past.

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim
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Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim
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Based on the timing of the release of song “Backin’ it Up”, September 20th, just 2 weeks after the incident between Nicki and Cardi at #NYFWmany assumed that some of the lyrics in the song were direct shots at Cardi B’s rival Nicki Minaj.  

Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj
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The raps

In the chorus Cardi raps, “I’m the queen of talking s— then backing it up”. A lot of fans thought she was referring to how she’s mentioned in previous interviews that she doesn’t stir up trouble and then go back and forth; she’d rather pull up and fight – which we know for sure she does.  But that’s not where the alleged shots towards the bad guy, Chun li end.  Cardi spits some subs at Nicki in her verse saying “Ran down on a B—- she almost pissed on her leg. B—s think they f—–’ with me, must be sick in the head. Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?”.  

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The shade

The shade might be accurate – but the timing is purely coincidental. It seems as though the song and video were recorded and shot while Cardi B was still pregnant.  She posted a clip of the video of herself and Pardison with this caption: “Pardi has helped me a lot with my growth and development as a recording artist. I’m really happy to be joining him on his next single BACKIN’ IT UP, which will be dropping later on! I did the song and shot the video while I was 5 and a half months pregnant! I was cranky as f— but I knew that it was going to be a Hit! Hit! Hit!”

pardi and cardi
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Shade or no shade, the song is a hit for sure. It debuted at Number 19 on Itunes.  The video raked up over half a million views on Youtube in just a few hours of its release. This is Pardison’s best performing song thus far. Not too bad for someone who started behind the scenes and is best known for being a contributing writer on Cardi B‘s album and hit single “Be Careful”.