Now that our favourite festivals are among the horizon, we find ourselves asking the question: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO WEAR?

Don’t worry hun, we’ve got you.

We’re over the glitter, the feathers, the flower crowns and the metallic tats! We know you’ve been waiting to hear what we’ve got to tell you. You might have even seen these trends hitting the runway and the streets of NY but right now we’re bringing them to SA!

What colours are we going to be seeing this year? How are we going to style it? What are our new must-have accessories? These are the burning questions we’ve been asking ourselves…


We never thought we’d be saying this anytime soon but, NEON is in! Yes you read that right, ‘lumo’ has made its way back around. And no we’re not talking about those ‘Peace Love Friendship’ bracelets we used to wear. We’re talking full blown neon in our tops, pants and all! If you’re wondering which brands have jumped onto this trend, Zara is one of them! From the neon puffers to the tight stretch jerseys, this is a trend we never thought we’d be into. Funnily enough, we’re feeling it! It’s taking us back to 80’s vibes and techno.


Cycle shorts. You know the black ones that end just above your knees? Well Kim K styled these with an oversized tee and next minute everyone was on board. It’s a given that we’d be interested too! We’re predicting that these will be paired with all types of crop tops, tees and maybe even a puffer or denim jacket. This is one look we’re going to look out for!


Oh the famous D-shape cat-eye sunnies. These have been on the hot list for a few months now but we’re guessing this is going to be the staple in almost every girls outfit. We love that there are different shapes, colours and finishes of these shades! Buy online or in store but be sure not to miss out!


Where to keep all our valuables? The Moonbag has you sorted! Years ago we weren’t so into the fanny pack but since we have a variety of shapes, styles, materials and patterns, they’re growing on us. What makes it better is the ways you can wear it! This time we’re wearing it across our body (like a crossbody), over our shoulders and around our waist – the ideas are endless! Whether you decide to sport a 90’s vibe or a chic Gucci belt bag (the fancy term for moonbag), you’re guaranteed to be leading the pack with this look! Guys, you can join in on this one!


Ladies, the bodysuit is still going strong and this time we’re predicting it to have that lingerie look. If you’re not wearing it on a night out, you’ll definitely be wearing it to a dressed up festival. Lingerie with lace is the latest style matching the bodysuit (guys we know you love this). Easy to wear with high waist shorts and denim, your bodysuit will be one to catch the attention of others! Are we loving this one? Yay or Nay? Let us know.


Tassels, tassels and more tassels please! We want them on our earrings, bags, skirts and tops! But don’t stop there; we want them on our jeans and jackets too! This is one of our favourites! It brings out our ‘wilder’ side of our festival looks for this year. Whether they’re black or have colour – tassels are definitely the way to go.


Ah the logo trend that everyone is talking about! We suspect that we’ll be seeing brand logos everywhere! From the more high-end designers like Gucci to the trending Champions, Adidas and Vans, everyone has jumped on the logo bandwagon and it seems to be making a huge comeback! The way we look it at, it’s almost like name dropping buuuut its brand dropping. They will be all over backpacks, sliders, socks, tees, sweaters and all, but we know this logo trend is hitting HARD.


Let’s talk accessories. Hoops will be everywhere! Like Khloe Kardashian said, “The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe” and well as we write this we’re wearing our hoops! They just go with EVERYTHING.


There will be same colour outfits. Top, shorts, everything – the same colour! We don’t know how we’re feeling about this trend but it’s happening and there’s no stopping it! Maybe we can mix it up with some colour blocking? We don’t know but we can’t wait to see your pictures! (Tag us on Instagram!)

Tell us what you’re planning on wearing to this year’s upcoming festivals! We’re dying to see if anyone is bold enough to set their own trend!