Want to strut it in baggy silhouettes like Billie Eilish? Or layered coats, sneakers, and tracksuits? Make these #outfitgoals a reality and serve serious style with our celeb-inspired edit: Billie Eilish.

From bold colors to oversized tracksuits: we have our eyes on the latest unconventional street style snaps to keep your wardrobe up to date and give you the unapologetically cool look of Billie Eilish.

Who is Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish O’Connell started gaining attention with the release of her debut single “Ocean Eyes.” An evocative, harmony-filled song written by her brother, Finneas. She has a song featured on 13 Reasons Why soundtrack and released her first debut EP called Don’t Smile at Me. All this at the age of 16 years old! That’s right: this pop artist is not defined by her age but by her unconventional ways – her lyrics and #fashun style makes her one to watch in the showbiz industry.

Here are 3 TrendE fashion tips that will give you the Eilish copycat look!

1. The Hoops:

Billie Eilish
Via Instagram @whereaertheavacados

The hoop earrings have made a massive comeback. From being labelled “trashy” by some – it is now the go-to accessory for any outfit and any occasion. Billie Eilish always adds a touch of jewelry to her outfit to break her bold taste in colors. Whether it is rose gold-plated, small hoops or bold colored hoops – it adds a spin to your unconventional look. This season-less piece can be used all year round and is always in style. Pull off the OG look by adding these hoopies to your next outfit and you will definitely leave an impression.


2. All kinds of colours

Billie Eilish
Via Pinterest

Just like her lyrics, Billie reflects her intriguing thoughts and unapologetic ways of being – in her style. It’s no secret that eccentric colors are trending right now. So boys and gals, it’s time to brighten up your wardrobe. Billies’ vibrant shades of green and red, to neon yellow and pink got us hooked on her fashion sense. Switch out your dark winter tones for fearless pieces, and welcome spring in all its splendors and colour.


3. Bigger is always better

Switch your crops tops for an oversize baggy item, as we all know this is the seasons
new hottest trend. Billie Eilish’s main style trend is the oversized, comfy outfit pieces.
You can even play with baggy versatile oversized tops, jackets or tees for an instant
on-trend look.

Billie Eilish
Via Pinterest

Look fresh AF this season and build your style foundation with these three Eilish-copycat-ideas and feel like a superstar this season.

And remember to always keep it TrendE.

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