From fine dining to rustic chic, Cape Town is the place to eat.

Foodies of the world: we have found the promise land and it is Cape Town. No matter what your taste this, Cape Town is the place to find a mouth-watering meal to satiate any appetite.
The hard part is trying to find where to begin. Cape Town offers such a wide variety of cuisines and dining experiences that some might find it difficult to sink their teeth into the city. But rest assured there is some method to the madness.

Observatory and Woodstock

“Rustic hippy chic”

If a rustic hippy chic is what you’re looking for: then you need to come to Observatory and Woodstock. This area has become a haven for all types of nonconformists, and they’ve brought amazing food with them. Roodebloem Road and lower main are always buzzing with a lively spirit and that vibrant glow spills out into every dish. Around here you’ll find small intimate restaurants where every waiter will learn you’re name and on a few quiet nights the chef will come to personally greet you. Great examples of the Bohemian spirit you’ll feel in the area come from three of our favorite restaurants:

A Touch of Madness 

Images: @atom_obs

Ground Zero

Images: @groundzero_obz

The Royal Leaf Eatery.

Images: @hiddenleaf.eatery
Each has a beautiful and unique take on the eating experience. Whether you’re keen for taco’s at A Touch of Madness; feeling vegan at Ground Zero or looking for cocktails and a mountain view at the Hidden Leaf, you’ll never leave feeling unimpressed. But there are so many more amazing places that you can only find by exploring.


Fine Dining

However, if you’re a lover of fine dining then Kloof street is your heaven. From the moment you walk onto the street everything screams class. Be it Rick’s cafe Americain transporting you to the world of Casablanca or Kloof Street House bringing you to the days of Victorian England there is always a place to be.
Images: @kloofstreethouse
And unlike many places in the country (cough, cough *Sandton) fine dining doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg on Kloof Street. Take Asoka for example that has an amazing three course meal on Mondays for only two hundred Rand. Any real foodie dreams of finding a deal that great.
So next time you’re planning on a culinary adventure remember, the best place to be is the mother city.
Dine out. And remember,

Stay TrendE.