“It’s out with the old and in with the new. Goodbye clouds of grey. Hello skies of blue…”

If this catchy phrase sound familiar to you then we congratulate you on having a fun-filled, memorable childhood without any Disney-musical gaps. Yes, dear Trendees, we are quoting the glamorous Sharpay from High School Musical 2 and we apologize in advance if this song will be running around in your head for the rest of the day ;).

Yet, it seems to be the mantra as the long-awaited summer begins to wake from her slumber. It is that time of year where we begin to rummage through the bellies of our closets in preparation for the hip and happening trends of Summer 2018. Buckle up, beautiful ladies of all shapes and sizes, it’s going to be a good one in the dress department!



The adored little black dress, aka the LBD, makes a quirky short-length return (surprise-surprise). This iconic fashion staple, first introduced by the classy mademoiselle Chanel in the early 1900’s, will forever enjoy the spotlight. Nothing exudes elegant simplicity like a little black dress and if you haven’t already invested in this must-have item then we seriously recommend that you do so, asap. Since we are all ladies of a different feather, there will be sub-trends to ensure that we are uniquely dressed to our own individual tastes. Oversized bows, playful open sleeves and a teasing contest between sheer fabrics contrasted by heavier-weight fabrics ensure for a romantic feminine allure. Furthermore, embroidery, beading and cut-outs will indulge our sense of touch. Have you ever thought of styling your LBD with a pair of black ankle-length or mid-calf boots? This season you can for a more edgy look.

The loose-fitting shirt dress

The loose-fitting shirt dress

Looking for something a tad more comfortable while you are crushing that weekend to-do-list? Wear a slightly loose-fitting shirt dress that allows for unobstructed movement. Check that it is made from a knitted fabric such as cotton jersey, cotton lycra or rayon, as this will allow that soothing summer breeze to move through the garment and keep your body cool. Look for a piece with drawstring detailing that will shape and soften the waist or make it your own with a belt of your choice. Pockets, pockets, pockets! These nifty oversized statement utility features come quite in handy for small items.

Bare Shoulders

Bare Shoulders

The emerging theme of this summer seems to be subtle effortless “flirty-ness” that stems from comfort. Another old favourite to dust off is the off-the-shoulder dress. Expose one or both shoulders but keep the elongated voluminous maxi-length for a dash of casual sophistication. Oh, the thrill of finding a garment that is just as ingenious as a woman. One dress can be worn to multiple affairs because this summer the patterns focus on street-to-beach-to-bar (yes, that’s a thing) styles through spirited tropical floral and funky tie-dye prints.

Are you a gifted woman in the upstairs-chest-department, wink-wink? Opt for a deep V-neck and wide straps as this will highlight your natural curves and balance your proportions while celebrating the fact that our skins can once again be kissed by the sun. Keep your eyes open for fun fabric manipulations such as ruffles and pleats. These elements, when correctly placed, act as focus points on a garment and can go a long way to enhancing our favourite features. Keep in mind that soft pink and lilac pastels, nudes, monochrome black and white emphasized by a lively splash of happy yellow, post-box red and turquoise will emerge as the key colours for female apparel.

Colourful dresses

We can all be in agreement that summers in sunny South-Africa is a magical time. Why else would European tourists flock to our shores by the dozens? Embrace this exciting opportunity to push your personal fashion boundaries because the relationship between a woman and her dress is an ever-changing adventure to grow and explore. May you become aware of the innate feminine strength and beauty that resides in you. Be bold and be confident but most importantly, be you!

Stay TrendE.