Singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey commented on Kanye West’s post – and she was not the only celebrity!

Lana del Rey and Kanye
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Kanye, or “Coon-ye” as some are calling him, posted a picture of himself wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap in support of Donald Trump and his policies.

Lana Del Rey, who performed at his wedding to Kim Kardashian, went on to call him out on his narcissism. Stating he probably relates to Donald Trump because they are both narcissistic.

Lana del Rey and Kanye

In the post Kanye Stated he wanted to have the 13th amendment abolished. The 13th amendment is what ended Slavery in America in the 1800’s.

Kanye on TMZ

The controversial rapper was hospitalised last year July on reports of mental health issues. He was allegedly struggling with depression and paranoia.

Many say it is because his mother’s death. He was extremely close to his mother and the loss took a toll on him. Since her passing it has been a downward spiral for the Gold Digger rapper.

Chris Evans also took to twitter to vent about his frustrations about Kanye West and his viewpoints.

Chris Evans and Kanye

Of course we will never forget his TMZ interview/rant where he infamously said “Slavery was a choice” . He recently back-pedaled, saying he did not mean slavery exactly was a choice. It seems he may just be saying that because people did not take it too well.

Do you think Kanye’s views are being affected by his mental health issues or he just loves controversy so much he would do or say anything for it?? Let us know in the comment section.

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