Cape Town traffic is a nightmare. Nothing hurts more than leaving work and getting stuck in a two-hour traffic jam. We try to avoid it in any way possible, go around the mountain, above the mountain, on the high way, through the city – but at some point, all you can do is just wait it out.

So that got us thinking, after a long busy day in town where is a good place to take a load off and unwind while the traffic dies down. And just as we asked the question the answer came, Tjing Tjing Torii Roof Top Bar. Situated in the attic of the restaurant Tjing Tjing, this bar has an incredible atmosphere.


The whole restaurant is themed as a modern take on Japanese culture. As soon as you walk in you feel immersed in the Japanese aesthetic. The mural on the wall evokes strong images of Japanese life and culture. That coupled with a few lucky cat statues and one very cool looking Samurai in the corner really give the feel of a Japanese establishment.

Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar Cape Town


Then there’s the food. The bar doesn’t have as extensive a menu as the rest of the restaurant, but you’re will still be amazed. Focusing on small bar style portions everything they serve is a unique twist on an old bar classic. They do change their meals quite regularly; however, everything they do is amazing. The ribs are incredibly tender served with a sticky teriyaki sauce that dances on your tongue. And they’re served with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and green onion for added flavour and just a little cute touch. At around R100 the ribs are a delicious snack you can enjoy before heading home.

And if you’re not a meat eater, you need to try the chips. Most people with meatless diets roll their eyes when they think of having to order the chips at a bar. But, as always, Tjing Tjing takes the standard bar trope and gives it a unique spin. The best way to describe them would be to ask yourself what if chips were also sushi. You will get this amazing merge of flavours that at first leave your brain stunned and then slowly as you begin to understand what’s happening to your tastebuds, you enter a state of serene bliss. In all honesty: the only fault with the chips is how much they give you, we genuinely needed to share to finish the mound of fries they gave us. So it’s understandable that they cost R80. Throw in a side of edamame to that and you have a meal


It wouldn’t be a thorough review if we didn’t mention the drinks. Tjing Tjing has an incredible selection of craft beers and cocktails that got us genuinely excited. So, if you’re not driving to work here’s the low down. They don’t serve many generic beers but for fans of craft – they have you covered. A great selection of Devils Peak as well as Jack Black will have all beer lovers elated. But the real winner here is the cocktails. Tjing Tjing is exceptional in the fact that it sources its ingredients from the finest makers around. Take their old-fashioned, it’s a very hard drink to mess up. Seriously if a bar tender tells you they don’t know how to make an old fashioned they need to be fired. But as simple as the drink is Tjing Tjing takes it to the next level. They make it the same way any other bar would but with an extra splash of finely matured Woodford Reserve that really makes a difference. It may be R90 but that splash of Woodford Reserve really takes it to another level.

Tjing Tjing Rooftop Bar Cape Town

See that’s the thing about Tjing Tjing, they take the extra step. The minute you walk inside you can see that they aren’t okay with good enough, everything from the décor to the dining is polished to perfection so that you have the greatest experience you could possibly have.

So next time you get off work you could go straight home and grit your teeth through two hours of traffic. Or, you could take the extra step, the choice is yours.

Stay TrendE.

Where to find them:

Address165 Longmarket St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Phone021 422 4374

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10AM to 10:30PM