Yes, you heard us. The classic fish net bag is back on trend for summer 2018 and we are LOVING it.  What started as a simple grocery bag used to throw over your shoulder at the farmers market has quickly turned into an iconic fashion statement and must-have in our summer wardrobes! Read more on the different styles and where to get your own!

Reasons to love

Why do we love these humble string bags? Besides the fact that they’re super practical and completely chic at the same time, this tote bag is lightweight, takes up very little space and won’t leave a dent in our pockets. So yes, we can ALL indulge in this trendy tote all summer long!

Think natural, earthy and simple summer linens with a pair of vintage sunnies matched up with our classic net bag – in love yet??

Although we totally adore the net bag aesthetic sprawled across our instagram feed, here are other ways you can utilise your net bag this summer:

The French Style Shopping Bag

They are totally ideal for your day-to-day quick trips and since they’re so flexible, you can fold them up and use for last minute shopping emergencies.

The Woven Market Bag

They are perfect for lazy Sunday’s spent at the market to carry fresh fruit & veg and any other staples you acquire on the way.

The Large Filt Net Bag

They make AMAZING beach bags – super convenient to throw your essentials in and you won’t have any hassles with sand sitting at the bottom of your bag as the sand will just slip right through. Since they’re so accessible and comfy, they also make travelling a breeze. The next time you want to explore a new city and you want as little baggage accompanying you as possible, the classic net is your go-to-bag!

The Crocheted Net Bag

If you love the trend but hate the idea of carrying a flimsy string bag around, then the crocheted net bag is for you! Slightly more expensive of course, the crocheted net is much more sturdier and chunkier and allows you to pull off a more sophisticated look.


The French style netted shopper is currently retailing at the lowest price of R29,99 at MRP Online so get TrendE and start your summer collection NOW!

*Images sourced from Pinterest. These images are not our own.