The rise of influencers

Over the years having an aesthetic has become the “in thing” , almost every millennial has an aesthetic. The cool kids are now using platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Blogs to establish their brand.

Why brands love influencers

Most brands pay influencers to advertise their products via their platforms where they have the most influence and followers. They also remunerate them by sending their products to the influencer so they can review them on social media.

The one thing that we have noticed about influencers is that they all have a specific niche. They choose something they love and are good at, focus on it and build their brand around that aesthetic.


An aesthetic is a representation of who one is, it’s self-expression, it’s the way in which someone presents themselves physically to the world.

SA Influencers

We have seen over the years that influencers in South Africa like Nkuley, Lulama Wolf, Mihlali Ndamase, BakedOnline (Aisha Baker) come out working with various brands because of their personal aesthetic and how that matches a certain brand. Brands approach influencers (or vice versa) because it can be mutually beneficial. The brand gets put in front of the influencers’ followers – which then is highly likely that the followers will then become supporters of that brand. The influencer gets benefits (either in the form of actual products or services that the brand offers – or monetary benefits). If you ever see #ad – this means that a brand has contacted an influencer to share the product / service on their social media. If you see #sponsored or #partnership – this is when influencers were using the brand and formed a partnership to promote it on both ends.

Know your hashtags

A good tip = a #sponsored or #partnership is more reliable than an #ad. The influencer does not necessarily have to like an #ad promoted product, yet the likelihood of them actually using a #sponsored product is much higher.

The move to digital marketing

Millennials have redefined brand marketing. We are now in a space where we are moving from the traditional form of marketing into the digital marketing era – or we are already here. Influence is key and most of these brands know that times are changing. Things are done differently and if they do not adapt, it might very well be the cause of their brand’s demise!

Brands doing it

Brands like H&M, Edgars, MR Price and make up lines like Revlon, Avon, and Matte have worked with influencers to advertise their products by doing tutorials on Instagram or giving influencers promo codes to reach a wider audience, Also by getting people who follow the influencer to buy their items.

Does being an influencer correlate with having an aesthetic?

Short answer: Definitely, yes.

People are attracted to visuals most of the time and it makes sense that these influencers who invest in their look get the most attention and followers which in turn makes brands want to work with them. Influencer marketing has taken over. It’s a new dawn..and brands are doing whatever they can to keep up!

Want to become an influencer?

Check out Marina Giovanni’s book about becoming an influencer. She’s an international influencer who has insight and has worked with a lot of brands!

So if you would like to be an influencer and work with brands as opposed to the go-to, traditional 9-5 job; If you believe in this dream so much and believe you can manifest it into something bigger… We say go for it and don’t forget to stay TrendE!

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South African Influencers
South African Influencers
South African Influencers
South African Influencers