Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Restaurant

Tredees, we all know times are tough and South Africa’s economy/Rand is literally quarter to death. So that whole notion of wanting to go visit an island and living our best lives also needs to take a back seat right?…Wrong! Read more for the full scoop!

Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Restaurant

Caribbean Grill House

TrendE has got you covered. We recently visited “Jamaica me Crazy” which is a Caribbean grill house snuggled in the heart of Woodstock. This setting provides all that “we need to fast forward to an island” vibes Drake was talking about in his song “Blem” without actually having to board a plane and breaking the piggy bank.

Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Restaurant

The vibe

Okay listen up: we really can’t tell you where the best place is to eat because Cape Towns food scenery is so diverse and having to pick the best place to eat will have us arguing till kingdom come. BUT if you are looking for that Caribbean “ya man” / “I deserve nice-life, island problems” feeling, then Jamaica Me Crazy is where it’s at. On entry you are greeted by warm Jamaican colors alongside subtle reggae music in the background – which definitely sets the mood and vibe. The staff is super nice, very accommodating and doesn’t need to be hollared at twice.

The view

This spot has a sick rooftop terrace view of the mountains and the sea. This just adds to that summer Caribbean feel we trying to bring to you without spending some serious coins.

We personally loved visiting in the evening. The stars created a beautiful back drop and the sounds of glee from the other customers created that nice homey feel. If you ever find yourself visiting in the morning, please do halla at us, we’d like to know how the vibe is around that time too.

Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Restaurant

The Menu

The créme de la créme of this solitaire is their menu. There is so much variety, that it may become overwhelming for the average joe as to what you should have. So because we love you guys, we’re going to break it down for you and make life an island breeze.

Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Restaurant

What to order

If you are into chicken:

We recommend you try the southern fried chicken, Jamaican Jerk chicken basted in their signature jerk sauce which is to die for.

•Now for our meat lovers:

The Woodstock lamb curry or the BBQ beef wrap is delicious or the Buffalo Wild Wings served with three sauces (yum!!)

•Our seafood fanatics:

We recommend the calamari main. If you feeling fancy, we recommend the chilly muscles served in a white wine cream with flat bread (you can thank us later).

•Pizza recommendation:

Try their “cool runnings”, “Notorious” and our fav “El Mexicano” pizza.

Jamaica Me Crazy Caribbean Restaurant

Wining down

If you just in the mood to wine down with some friends (or bae) with some liqa to get your system in that warm and fuzzy vibe and not really up for a meal, then we’ve also got you covered. Their cocktails are to die and for the old school lovers their on-tap ranges will also hit the spot.

With TrendE – who needs an island when we can bring island vibes to you?

Stay TrendE.

Where to find our favorite Jamaicans:

74 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock


Opening hours 11am-11pm -Saturday, 12am- 10pm

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