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On a recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim is diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. This also known as ‘Selfie Wrist’. It is basically a wrist sprain caused by taking too many selfies.  As expected, Kim’s doctor prescribes a couple of daily wrist exercises as well as to avoid taking so many selfies.

Well instead of doing that, Kim hires someone to be her designated selfie taker while her wrists recover.  Mrs. Kardashian-West jokes about how she could never take a break from taking selfies because that is literally how she makes her money – well she ain’t lying.

Kim Kardashian selfie wrist
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The offer

According to the reality-star in a recent interview on Ashley Graham’s podcast, she was offered 1 Million US dollars to make an Instagram post featuring a clothing brand. This brand is known for producing knock-off designs of Kanye’s Yeezy brand.  This obviously made Kanye feel some type of way, so he asked his wife not to take the million dollar deal and not to post the selfie.

Kim Kardashian Ashley Graham
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The reaction

Kim said she was completely understanding of her husband’s reaction and she was supportive about not taking the deal. Although Kim was happy to turn down a deal to show support to her husband, the business side of her was not feeling the fact that she had just lost out on an easy million dollar stack.

Kim Kardashian wealth
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Showing the love

The Gold Digger rapper was obviously aware that his wife had chosen to side with him instead of securing an easy bag with an opposing brand. He made sure to show her how grateful and impressed by her work-ethic he was by giving her what seems like the world’s most expensive thank you gift ever.

Kim Kardashian kanye west
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Mother’s Day

Kim Kardashian-West spills the tea on how she received a package on Mother’s Day this year from Yeezy. It contained a million dollar check and a contract giving her an ownership percentage of his multi-million dollar company, Yeezy. The expensive package came with a note from Ye thanking Kim for always being supportive and expressing his appreciation for her turning down such a big bag for him.

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We believe Kim has probably been paid more to do less. Kim is reportedly getting offered a million dollars to make a single Instagram post. But a million dollars and ownership to a multi-million dollar company just for not posting on Instagram. Now that’s Kanye-Kardashian krazy.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye
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