Breaking the mold

It’s very seldom that you find an individual who breaks boundaries, dances to the sound of their own heartbeat and embraces themselves fully. Their art, culture and aesthetic. Lulama Wolf is the epitome of ‘’different.” In an era that is filled with people who all want to look and dress the same. An era where following trends is the norm. It’s such a beautiful experience to come across someone with effortless style and is genuinely beautiful inside and out, as seen through her art.

Lulama Wolf

Social media influencer

Lulama wolf is famous for being an Instagram sensation and a creative in her own right. Her Instagram account (@LulamaWolf) is phenomenal to say the least. She shares most of her looks, campaigns (she recently worked with H&M) and pictures of the little things she finds interesting. She also takes beautiful artsy pictures and has a blog where she shares her experiences through photography (

Lulama Wolf

Art and Fashion

It’s no secret that she has a passion for art as she combines her love for fashion with art to give us breathtaking outfits. The way she is able to take a ‘look’ inspired by the 80’s and make it current – is incredible.

Lulama Wolf


She plays with different genres, different styles, and different ways of styling an item of clothing. This makes her feed interesting to look at and draw inspiration from. Her minimalist looks are iconic! Minimalism (with a sprinkle of colour) is a sure fire way to get people talking and ‘’talking’’ they are. It appears she is on her way to becoming South Africa’s fashion  “it girl.”

With 103 000 followers – she is sure to fit the definition of “influencer.”

Lulama Wolf

One of the many things we love about her (besides her eye for fashion) is the way she embraces people’s differences and is such an inspiration to us, mere mortals, to be ourselves and find our own groove.  Now tell us, how can you not love her?

Stay TrendE.