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So you’re new to the Korean K-beauty game and have no idea where to start? Milo & Mo have created a seasonal beauty box, the first rolled out for SPRING in September. Continue below to see our unboxing and first impressions!

Skin type: Normal

Excitement: Peaked

Hello, Spring! How beautiful is this box? On a side note, receiving a mysterious box is like a grown-up version of getting a lucky packet ~ the thrill, the suspense! The website claims that the products are worth over R1000, and the box retails for R500.

Milo and Mo beauty box product

Items included in the box



1. Sheet Masks

You cannot do K-beauty without the indulgent sheet-masks! We received 4 totally different masks, sure to get your skin glowy and ready for those summer viiibes. These are usually cotton sheets soaked in concentrated essence which plum up your skin, and make you feel like a hydrated goddess.

We’re most hyped to try the Tony Moly I’m Peach Layering Mask, because how adorable? 🍑🍑🍑 It’s targeted to firm the skin, so we can stay young forever, and keep getting asked for ID at the club.

Milo and Mo beauty box product

2. Mamonde Rose Water Toner

Milo and Mo beauty box product

This brand was a perfect fit for Spring, ’cause they believe in flower power and it’s abilities to make our skin bloom. 🌸💐🌻🌷🌺🌹

The toner lid is super cute, representing a rose petal. That’s the thing we totally love about K-beauty ~ the packaging is on another level. The bottle is a harder material which is not easy to squeeze, so be prepared to shake it. This is a sophisticated brand, for when you want to feel like you have your ish together.

Best ingredient: 90.97% Damask Rose Water

Also, this video is so, so satisfying getting us right in the ASMR feels~~

3. Stylenanda 3CE Flower Pot Lip Balm

Milo and Mo beauty box product

The packaging is uber cute, but is the product practical? It smells sort of like a mixture of vaseline and a box full of Barbie’s, and it has the smallest (unnecessary) mirror known to man. This would be a good conditioner for your lips after a scrub, as it contains oil to moisturise and add that HD gloss. It does give the slightest tint, but if you have a darker skin-tone, this is not going to work for you. We’ll be keeping this as our space-case lip balm.

Best ingredient: Bulgarian Rose Oil

4. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm

Milo and Mo beauty box product

Major.Cult.Following.Product. We were so happy receiving this cleanser to try! Committing to the huge tub without testing the waters before, is like going on a date without doing a thorough Catfish approved background check.

Milo and Mo beauty box product

The balm melts into your skin, dissolving all the nasties like air pollution, make-up, and Nik-Naks residue from when you ~accidentally touched your face.

Best Ingredient: Papaya Extract

5. Lineage Essential Balancing Emulsion Moisture

Milo and Mo beauty box product

This product smells like you just took the plunge and jumped into a massive waterfall while holding your crush’s hand. It’s so exhilarating and fresh, and can make your skin feel instantly happier.

Best ingredient: Jojoba Oil

6. It’s Skin Hydra Routine Lively Cream

Milo and Mo beauty box product

Eish. Did we really need another moisturiser? This one has a slight papaya scent and a jelly-like texture, with many different types of oils. K-beauty is known for their attention to ingredients, and this is clear in almost all of the products which they produce. This is essentially a ‘treatment cream’

Best Ingredient: 7 Types of Hyaluronic Acids

7. Spongellé Wild Flowers Body Wash Infused Butter

Milo and Mo beauty box product

This is pretty unique! It speaks to the lazy souls in us, who find it such a task to add shower gel to our loofas. Say hello to a buffer+soap IN ONE, making you feel like you stepped out of a spa in the middle of a rainforest.

Best ingredient: Yuzu Extract

8. Spongellé Body Lotion

Milo and Mo beauty box product

Essentially another moisturiser. Although we aren’t exactly mad about it, ’cause it smells like a literal pina colada. These last two products felt like box fillers, and we would have liked more diversity :/

Best Ingredient: Avocado Oil

Thoughts and Feelings

As a Spring box, we would have expected more along the lines with sun-care, because S.A beats are harsh, man! It would also have been the ideal time to include eye-care products as well, for those suffering hay-fever trauma while everyone else goes to marvel at daisies in an open field #notbitter

Although this box does not include all the essentials needed for your 10-step Korean skincare routine, it is a good place to start introducing Korean skincare, so that you can find brands/products which work for you.

OR you could just get it for fun 🙂 You work so hard, treat yo-self!!

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Keep your skin healthy and hydrated during the summer months and remember…

Stay Trende.