Today marks the most underrated day of the year… National No Bra Day!! Yeaaaah – that’s right, it is actually a celebrated day. This day is held each year in aid to raise awareness of the importance of knowing how to carry out breast self-screening examinations, detecting symptoms of breast cancer and encouraging women to partake in regular breast cancer screening.

A contentious event that raises awareness against the fight of breast cancer, by encouraging women to go bra-less on October 13th for a 24-hour period.

Not only is going bra-less a symbol of awareness and a moment to honor those suffering from breast cancer, going bra-less has also made it onto runways, street-style and A-list celebs are also sporting this new fashuuun craze. For the natural TrendE look.

In honor of this day, we’re taking a look at celebs who are rocking the free-the-nip style:

Kendall Jenner

Nobody pulls off the bra-less look quite like Kendall Jenner. This young supermodel and reality star is the perfect California girl to get your bra-less inspiration from. From the runway to her street style – Kendall loves freeing the nip. 

Bella Hadid

The middle Hadid manages to remain elegant, with her stand-out outfits whether she forgets her bra at home or not.

Bella Hadid nipples
(Image: GC Images)

Wild BOOBIE thoughts

Rihanna is an internationally renowned singer and style icon. This bad gal seems to rock her bra-less look, effortlessly.

Rihanna Nipples
Image: Times of AP


  • Early detection is the best cure. One out of eight women get breast cancer.
  • If you want to start at home – there are online assessment tools that might be a smart starting point for now.
  • Also, remember self-screening has its limitations. Try to get a screening done by a specialist at least once a year
  • Uh oh. Most importantly, most breast cancer patients have no genetic link, it is good to have a positive mindset in life but better safe than sorry. No one is immune to breast cancer.

For more information on breast self-examination please visit this page.  

For further information on breast cancer screening, please visit this page:  

Be focused on your health and

Stay TrendE.