Fashuun trends are forever changing and we often feel overwhelmed by all that’s going on. But something we’ve always had our hands on is street wear. From sneakers and trainers to rip jeans and tees, we’ve always felt confident about our ability to style our look.

Now, work wear is a whole other ball game. The boring plain shirt with a cardigan and wide leg trousers are so been there done that.  Instagram pages – such as Who Worked What – helps us for daily inspo and Pinterest can only do so much when we’re in a rush in the morning searching for an outfit.

Worry no more because we have the new STYLE RULES that are taking the world by a storm! Go on, have a read. We know you’re dying to know!


We’ve got all the deets on how to style your weekend street wear look at the office! No more stressing about having to buy boring clothes you’ll never wear outside of your work space. We’re focusing on what we have and how to make it look ‘work friendly’.


Yes, you read that right – sneakers are the new heels! Adidas, Nike, Supergas, Vans, you name it & we wear it… to work! They’re office ready, what more can we say? Pair your favourite sneakers with classic highwaist work trousers, a tote and a fashion shirt and guess what? You’re ready to go! Ladies, we cannot stress this enough – a dirty sneaker has NEVER been fashionable – don’t wear them out on the weekend and definitely not to work!

Look how these ladies are styling their favourite sneakers and trainers.


Ah, the fabric we love to wear ALL THE TIME is now office ready! From jeans to jackets, skirts to shirts, denim has always been our favourite item but we could never rock it at work. Remember the good old days when Casual Friday meant that we could sport a pair of denim jeans to work and not feel judged while wearing them? Well gone are those days! We’re loving denim for a normal Monday to Friday look.

Now we’re ready to let you in on the secret….


We’re loving all fits except the straigh-leg and the bootleg. Those styles are so 2000’s and right now we’re living for the ones that sculpt your shape! You can easily dress up your classic, ripped or embellished jeans by simply adding heels (block heels or stiletto – whatever your vibe is) with a simple button up shirt. Jeans open up the opportunity to never-ending possibilities where you can match your mules, espadrilles, sneakers and so much more to your work look. Upgrade to your work wardrobe to be that girl that’s setting the TRENDZ.

Here’s our denim inspiration from of course, Pinterest.

Skirts and Jackets

While we’re talking about denim, we might as well add shirts and jackets. Whether you adopt the denim on denim trend (you know you love it) or you wear your pieces separately, you’re look will be guaranteed to be a trendy one. We love to match our denim jacket with trousers, a shirt and a pair of our favourite shoes but never forget to add that statement piece. It doesn’t always have to be a bold accessory – it can simply be a new makeup or hair look (we like to think out the box). These girls rocked their denim shirts and jackets without making it look ‘overly’ casual.

And just remember, denim doesn’t just mean blue. You can pretty much get your denim in almost every colour! Mix it up and try something new.


The t-shirt has always been that clothing item that is our quick go to when we’ve ‘got nothing to wear’ (yes we’ve all heard that excuse). We love the plain tees, the ones with embellishment, with patterns and prints, textures and all but lately we’ve been crushing H-A-R-D on the slogan tee! We have such a variety in stores and online at the moment with different slogans and statements on our tee.

To transform your tee to a workwear look, you can pair with culotte pants, trousers or formal jeans, any shoes of your choice, a blazer and statement earrings and you’ve got FASHUN! It’s easy to dress up and as an added bonus you feel comfortable throughout your day! We love how these ladies style their simple plain tee for a chic look.

To add some edge to your look, see how to style your tee like these trendsetters…


Gone are the days where we all wear boring laptop bags and heavy totes to the office.Let’s be honest, we never use pens and notepads in the office anymore – we use our mobiles! For a look we’re crushing on, the crossbody bag is the way to go. From your local store to high-end designers, you’ll be sure to find the bag for you! Have a boring outfit for work? Not to worry – dress it up with a detailed crossbody.

We hope we’ve given you inspiration for your next work look. We know we’ll be sporting these next week. How about you?

Stay TrendE.