Social media and the rise of cyber bullying

With the rise of social media and digital forums, cyber-bullying has taken a toll on many individuals today. Celebrities are in the highest percentage of individuals that are constantly prone to attract this negative comments and interaction from the public on social media and cyberspace. Cyber-bullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, detrimental, incorrect, or cruel content about someone else. So where is the limit? When is enough, enough? It is important to know how cyber bullying can cross the line into unlawful, or even criminal, behavior.



Paxton Fielies is the girl who made South African Idols history by being the youngest winner ever. She has grown into a beautiful woman; unfortunately, with the rise of her fame, many people have been circulating negative memes about her.  Local singer Robin Pieters has come to Paxton’s defense by starting a hashtag campaign #HandsOffPaxton.

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Other celebs

Paxton is not the only person who has had to deal with social media bullying. The Voice SA’ season 2 winner Craig Lucas also recently came out in an emotional open letter on Instagram. The emotional letter records how he battled with his homosexuality and depression over the years.

“People started telling me to keep the fact that I was in a relationship with a man a secret – “the audience is conservative” “no one will vote for you.” So I did, and I won. “I’m glad I listened to them,” I thought. People then said “no one will buy your music if he or she thinks you’re gay” “girls are your biggest market, you will alienate them,” Craig shares. KFM DJ, Carl Wastie, commended the singer for being so brave and opening up to the public. He also stated that celebrities are in a position to inspire positive change and more celebrities should stand up against bullying.

Here are few thoughts to ponder on:

  1. The hard truth is we need to ask ourselves “Am I a subconscious bully?” The greatest language of the universe is energy and vibration. The moment you start disliking anyone based on any circumstances, we start to formulate negative thoughts, we engage in negative conversations, we like and share a post that spreads cruel content.
  2. In the wise words of Paxton “ If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
  3. Last truth is, it is normal to dislike someone but we do not have the constitutional right to name shame them! If you start to dislike someone – unfollow them! It is as simple as that.

Wake up!

Please wake up to the damage that cyber-trolls do to people’s lives. We have already heard too many stories about youth suicides in connection with cyber bullying. Have we ever thought about how many adults have considered ending their lives because of the torment of being cyber-bullied? It is NOT TrendE to cyber bully.

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The late English singer, songwriter, record producer, and philanthropist George Michael wrote in his song Freedom!

“All we have to do now, Is take these lies and make them true somehow, All we have to see. Is that I don’t belong to you, And you don’t belong to me. Freedom…I won’t let you down, freedom I will not give you up, freedom! Gotta have some faith in the sound

Stay TrendE

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