The Carters really showed off on their On the Run II Tour this year.  No shade to Jay Z, but we were all way too mesmerized by Queen B’s dazzling lewks at every performance, we barely noticed that Jay was wearing his auntie’s church blazers and head scarfs at most of the shows.

jay z and beyonce
Image Via: The New Orleans Advocate

The Tour

The OTR II Tour was first announced back in March 12th this year and began on the 6th of June in the city of Cardiff, in Wales, UK.  The Carters also decided to drop a surprise joined album, Everything is Love, ten days into their tour, along with a video for their single, Ape Sh**, which basically broke the Internet. Their tour officially wrapped up in Seattle on October 4th.

beyonce with twins
Image Via: Sheen Magazine

The Twins

We were all here for the surprises throughout the tour – like a video of the couple renewing their vows and a sneak peek of their twins, Sir and Rumi – we think; and the music is always on point, so no complaints there. But the highlight of the show has to have been Queen B’s outfits which never disappoint.  From Balmain badness to Boots and Bodysuits, did not come to play chill.

beyonce in mirror outfit
Image Via Look Da VIP

The fashion

Here’s a compilation of some of our favourite Beyoncé lewks for the OTR II Tour 2018:

At their concert in Manchester,  Bey debuts some killer Balmain thigh high boots and a matching long-sleeved mini dress which aren’t even out yet! This lewk is a part of Balmain’s 2019 Resort collection.


Channeling their inner Bonnie and Clyde, Bey comes through looking like the sexiest bank robber we’ve ever seen in an over-sized Gucci hooded jacket and the Gucci boots to match; she completed the lewk with a netted jewel-encrusted face mask. We certainly wouldn’t mind getting robbed by the Queen in this outfit

beyonce singing
Image via: Billboard


In case anyone forgot how fierce Sasha is, Beyoncé’s alter-ego, Sasha fierce showed up in a leopard print bodysuit with a leopard print jacket, along with what seemed to be the recurring theme of the tour, the infamous thigh high boots.

beyoncde leopard outfit
Image via Instagram: @beyonce


The Queen also made sure to remind us that she’s a Naughty Girl by slipping in a dominatrix all black and all leather bodysuit, exaggerated large hat to top it off and not forgetting those thigh high leather boots to finish off the lewk that she probably uses to get her husband information.

beyonce instagram with text
Image via Instagram: @beyonce

The Queen

And to avoid any confusion about who the Queen is, Queen Bey made sure you knew the real tea by coming out in a gold-embroidered mini dress, topped with a purple Dundas cape – can someone say royalty. 

beyonce on stage
Image via: Pop Sugar

Futuristic Jumpsuit

Just in case you thought Beyoncé’s reign as the Queen B was coming to an end, she gives you a futuristic metallic jumpsuit, jacket and yes, of course, the matching thigh highs to let you know that she’s the queen right now and will remain the queen of the future!  Yaaasss Queen!

beyonce on stage
Image via: Channel24

We can’t tell whether Queen B was On the Run or on the runway because she slayed!

beyonce and jay z
Image via: The Wrap

What do you think of the Queen’s outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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