There’s a lot to love about this relaxed, quirky, steampunk-inspired cafe – which is a hit with Cape Town’s hip and happening crowd. It’s doing South Africa proud by being crowned ‘THE BEST COFFEE SHOP IN THE WORLD’ and managing to land the top spot in The Telegraph (a famous UK publication) for two years in a row – so needless to say it’s popular with tourists too! Its slew of accolades and magazine features means that it’s almost always chaotically busy and parking in Buitenkant Street is a bit of a nightmare. But trust us, the controlled chaos and buzzing atmosphere are worth braving for a visit.


The Decor:

What makes this cafe stand out from the crowd is its aesthetic. It isn’t what you’d come to expect from coffee shops. The colours are dark and metallic and spaced filled with enormous-looking coffee machines. The machine, named Colossus, is central to the style of the Truth HQ. It boasts timely industrial charm, has leather and steel art pieces and decorative installations by the city’s best artists. There’s a long communal table to rub shoulders with freelancers as well as separate tables and booths suitable for groups. It really is a captivating space and 100% Instagrammable. The truth is (no pun intended) that this coffee shop would be worth it simply just for the look and feel of the place alone. It’s a little dark inside but I guess it goes with the theme. The staff also wear Victorian outfits to match the theme.

The Food:

Hands down, this place is a must for caffeine junkies. The flavour of Truth’s coffee beans is incredibly bold and rich with the kind of flavour that will stay in your mind for days afterwards and give you uncontrollable cravings for another cup. And I can confirm that yes, it is true that you don’t have to add sugar. My flat white was literal perfection in a cup. For those of you who aren’t keen on caffeine, the hot chocolate is pretty great and is (of course) served elaborately in a huge mug with the most original foam art. In many ways, you’ll have the most theatrical coffee experience in the city.

The food menu is not to be overlooked either and boasts a selection of freshly baked
confectionaries, innovative breakfasts, and light lunches. On my most recent visit, I opted for their famous Steampunk eggs benny which included a fresh slice of sourdough bread topped with crispy streaky bacon, soft-poached eggs, and cherry tomatoes and made for a top-notch breakfast. Other great options to try to include the Truly Funky mushroom on toast breakfast and German-inspired Steampunk hotdog.

barista at truth coffee roasting
Image by: So In Heart With blog

The Service:

Literally the friendliest, most attentive and efficient staff we’ve encountered in a while. It’s so clear that they are passionate about what they do.

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The Price:

Drinks are super affordable. As for meals, the prices vary and are arguably on the higher end but for the quality, it’s totally worth the splurge.

So if you’re in Cape Town, don’t miss out on your chance to have coffee at the best coffee shop in the world (literally!) You won’t regret it!

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