The sun is finally out, you’re sitting poolside after a long winter and life is good. Time to cool off and hit that summer thirst with something tasty. Now, what will you reach for?

If you feel like you’re getting tired of rosé or your standard beer choice is seeming a bit boring, it’s time to try something new.  Read more to see our top 5 drinks to try out this summer!

Buchu Gin and Tonic by Drifter:

Drifter G&T
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The gin craze in Cape Town doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, so much so that craft brewery, Drifterm has hopped on board the gin revolution. This super refreshing new offering is everything your body craves on a hot afternoon. The pre-mixed and bottled GnT allows for instant refreshment – no need to worry about pouring the perfect ratio.

Not only is the drink wonderfully balanced, but the fact that it’s complemented by local buchu gives it naturally revitalising properties. Gin and tonic that’s also good for you? Yes Please.

Snap up this delight for only R29!

Tipo Tinto R&R:

Tipo Tinto
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Hailed as “The World’s Greatest Mixer”, Tipo Tinto rum is finally available in South Africa. This spirit from Mozambique is available and bottled in their signature R&R cocktail – a bright red tropical sensation of berry, cherry, and rum. One sip on this and you will immediately be transported to white sandy beaches, warm water and sunny days. Grab one for only R19!


Peach Krystal Weiss by CBC: 

CBC Peach Beer
Image via: Cape Brewing

Now, this isn’t not your average beer, this weiss packs a heavy hit of peachy refreshment. If you like beer but are after something a little more light and fruity then this will be your new best friend. The peach flavoured fruitiness is balanced tangy notes in order to create the perfect summer sensation. Pair the rose gold coloured beer with a poolside pose for a very insta friendly shot!

Retailing at R26!

Bloedlemoen Gin: 

Bloedlemoen Gin

This beautiful gin is produced in Cape Town through a loving small batch process. As the name suggests, this gin carries big flavours of blood orange – a bittersweet fruit which is the perfect summer thirst quencher. Not only is this gin unique through its fruity flavour, but it’s also available pre-mixed and on tap at selected bars.

Editor’s tip: top up your Bloedlemoen gin and tonic with a hint of fresh mint and a peel of grapefruit for some bonus flavours.

Bottles available for only R379!

The Duchess Virgin Drink
Image via: Sun Kissed Blog

The Duchess Virgin Gin and Tonic: 

Sometimes you want to join the party without touching alcohol, and The Duchess has the answer to that. This is the world’s first non-alcoholic, sugar-free gin and tonic. It’s produced locally and maintains that crisp GnT taste, but is totally guilt free. No hangover, no sugar, no worries! This is the perfect anytime summer refresher.

Grab a four pack of the refreshers for only R88.

Have you got any summer drink favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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