“The only thing I love more than talking about food is eating.“ This is a quote which we believe that anyone, who has visited the amazing restaurants in Cape Town, would most certainly live by!

If sandy beach waves and sunsets that are to die for, are not convincing enough for you to take a well-deserved break to the coast, perhaps these enticing restaurants will! We’re talking about restaurants that will leave you wondering if any other restaurant could ever top the experience that these ones have to offer!

Stardust Theatrical Dining:

On the very top of our list is a Cape Town favourite, Stardust Theatrical Dining in Woodstock. One would expect such a fancy looking restaurant to deliver the most sumptuous food, which it does, but this one not only delivers flavorsome food, it also adds some tunes for your entertainment. I mean: “Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their food while being serenaded by a live performance?” Their lamb shank and cocktails are an exquisite combo that will leave your taste buds tingling and craving for more. When it comes to their deserts, we are plagued with mediocrity trying to describe how mouth-watering they are. There is nothing we can say that can fully justify the goodness!
The only solution is that one goes there and tries the food and deserts for themselves.

The Old Biscuit Mill:

On a more vibrant and dynamic note, second on our list is The Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town. The diversity of delicious meals and the options to pick from all day, are most definitely the reason why one would find themselves returning there every second Saturday. The vibe and people always guarantees that your day will be well spent and because of how affordable it is, you can also save some coins! There is a variety of markets, decadent restaurants and amazing bunch of South African talent and culture that one can go and explore! The main idea and purpose behind visiting the Old Biscuit Mill is just to explore and satisfy the soul.

Gibsons Burgers; The V&A Waterfront:

Whilst on that exploring tip, have you ever been to a restaurant and hoped to find more
interesting milkshake flavours to try aside from the usual chocolate, strawberry and banana? Well, Gibsons Burgers gives you the leisure to choose from 120 flavours of milkshakes! If that’s not reason enough to give this place a try then maybe you should see the serene view of the popular V&A Waterfront that you get to enjoy and dine in. The place is called Gibsons “Burgers” for a reason, they are always on a quest to create the best burgers around, so you’re guaranteed to have gourmet burgers that are unique every single time. The vibe is trendy and cool, and space where you can unwind to breathtaking views and delightful company, of course not forgetting the good food.

It is definitely about time for everyone to be constantly reminded of the words of J.R Tolkien “If more of us valued food and cheer above hoards of gold, it would be a merrier world .” Every now and again, one has to shift their focus away from whatever it is that they are occupied with and just devote their attention to eating. With that being said, if you ever find yourself indecisive about whether or not to vacate to Cape Town, we can assure you that the dining experiences here will entice you more than all the cliche views and ordinary sunsets that everyone is familiar with. Cape town restaurants not only have the best food but the most breathtaking views one
could ever come across!

Which is your favourite spot to hang out? Let us know in the comments below.

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