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The basic leggings, tee, and blouse remain a style fave—delivering value by offering streamlined silhouettes for decades! This basic-babe is back with a vengeance this season, so we’d thought we’d serve you the Yays on this wardrobe essential. The ultimate day-to-night piece we all need! Whether it’s strapless, tank style or long-sleeve, the baesic comes in all forms and looks amazing on all figures.

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Fashion jeans and a T-shi
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The basics are a necessity in an industry that is constantly changing. Unfortunately, fashion is a fad: what you buy today, you might not even wear tomorrow, I have a few items in my closet that have never been worn before and so fashion ultimately fads away. So becoming aware of the fashion items you invest in will make your life so much easier. Simple is always more a wise person once said. The tank tops, tees, camis, leggings, and everything in between. There’s nothing basic about these basics, as they are timeless.

Accessorize Baesics:

Fashion Tank top and Pants
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Going back to baesics, require a certain mentality. Let’s be for reals, people only buy TrendE fashion items to solve a problem. These versatile basics are the perfect layering piece no matter what the season. For a low-key evening take a tank top and style it up with a classic heel… Becoming mindful of your fashion purchases will help you live a better life.

Timeless Baesics:

Basic Fashion Style
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Thoughts to ponder on: Baesics will change you. While many fashion items are created to constantly change you from the inside out, baesics has a powerful way of working from the outside in. It provides the opportunity to remove the layers and connect with what is most important in your fashion style or voice.

Baesics is not a competition:

Fashion White T-shirt and Jeans
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Fashion is your life and it influences how people view you and how they relate to you, I am not saying it is wrong to change your style every season, if it works for you-you do you gal. What I am saying is being mindful that your style creates a subconscious story about you for yourself and others and people always trust people more who are consistent whether it be in your style, being classic, elegant, girly or sporty it does not matter. Keep a bit of you in your style an refrain yourself from compromising your style voice for the world.

Baesics is not a sacrifice:

Investing in baesics items is not sacrificing your image or your style, but instead, a way to help you discover what is most important to your own personal unique style. Baesics demonstrates happiness with less.

I’ve learned that more attracts more and less attracts less when it comes to clothing and things you think you must have. People always want more money, new phone work their first answer is not more money, a bigger house, or a new car. People do not buy logic the buy emotion and so they justify that particular item with emotion. Ask yourself why do you want to buy the next TrendE item?

For instance, people buy because of shame if I do not buy this I will look foolish,  or if I do not buy this I will miss out. Instead, people want health, happiness, time, security, love, satisfaction, inspiration, and less stress. None of those things are available through any fashion material purchase.

Yays to remember:

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Do not be afraid to get creative by layering your baesics outfits. Add bold accessories to light your beasics on a glam-night out with the gals. Pair a tank top, cami or cardigan with jeans, skirts effortlessly, and do you GAL!! At the end of the day Baesics allows you to transition effortless and will save you a lot of money into looking fresh and glam-up AF! Become more mindful in your purchases and remember less is always more…

What is your favourite Baesics style? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay TrendE.