Ground Zero:

It’s hard not to eat meat. Every vegetarian knows the pain of going out with friends and having to eat chips for dinner. In this day and age there are still people who don’t understand that a whole tomato and a can of corn isn’t a real meal. And,  don’t get me started on salads. For the most part a salad is just juice you have to chew, no thank you. That’s why your friend Rebecca was only vegan for three days. She literally had nothing to eat.

But, then you find a vegan restaurant and you get super excited. Until you realise you need to give three months salary and your first born child to pay the bill. As soon as a restaurant tags on the word vegan they charge you as if Beyoncé were the chef. So many vegans struggle with the question, is there anywhere they can get a good meal for a good price.

Ground Zero Cape Town

The Food:

Well, to all vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, flexitarians and everyone on the meat free spectrum, we have a secret you need to hear. Go to 122 Lower Main Road and you will find your home. Ground Zero is a completely meat free restaurant that has a variety of food that will have your mouth watering at the mere thought of walking in. From their Tofu Stir Fry to their Vegan Gluten Free Waffles everything here will make forget you ever ate meat. And, even if you decide to bring your more carnivorous friends here they’ll have to accept that the Vegan Facon and Avo sandwich is to die for.

Restaurant Sea food and Prawns
Image via: Cape Town Vegan Za

The Drinks:

Then there are the drinks. An extensive list of teas, coffees and juices will have you trying something new every time you visit. Our recommendation, the clean green juice, will have you feeling ten years younger. And for those harsh Sunday mornings, try a Hangover Tea and listen to their live music sets, you’ll thank us later.

Ground Zero Observatory
Image Via : Cape Town Vegan Za

The Price:

Then you get the bill and smile when you realise you get to keep your first born child. Nothing on the menu is more than R70 which means that food can finally be good for your soul and your budget.

The Friendly Staff:

But the best part of Ground Zero has to be the staff, as soon as you walk in they welcome you with open arms. After one visit they’ll always remember you and treat you like part of the family. They let you know that you’re not just any customer, you’re a friend.

That’s the thing about being meat free, unless you have a community it’s hard to keep it up. One day those chicken nuggets are going to tempt you. But, when you have good friends and great food even Rebecca can stay a vegan.

smoothie bowl

How has your experience at Ground Zero been? We want to know all about it.  Let us know in the comments below!

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