“To tattoo or not to tattoo, that is the question.”

We’ve seen a massive increase in the demand for tattoos over the last couple of years. A statement that used to be synonymous with Harley Davidson biker gangs and other hardcore groups. Now – tattoos are not linked to any specific demographic. Tattoos are a reflection and statement of the person, whether it be small, or all over the body. With the gaining trend to get inked – we’ve decided to provide you with our top 4 tattoo shops in Cape Town.

image of hands filled with tattoos

1. The Tattoo Lounge

If you’re not keen to drive to the middle of the CBD, The Tattoo Lounge (based in Lakeside) has been featured in other magazines for being a go-to tattoo parlour for excellent precision and friendly service. With more than 17K followers on Facebook – they must be doing something (or everything) right.
Tattooed girl at festival
They accept walk ins, but if you want to make an appointment, be sure to contact Sam or Tristan.

Where to find them

Address: 461 Main Road Lakeside (14.46 mi)
Cape Town, Western Cape 7945
Phone: 081 869 5600

2. Kak Lucky Tattoos

Kak lucky is all about “professional, clean and solid tattooing and ethics” with a strong focus on creating a happy, friendly atmosphere for all their clients. With regular guest artists – Kak Lucky Tattoos keeps us coming back for more. And their name is hilarious – WE.ARE.IN.

Person getting tattooed
Photo by Adrian Boustead on Pexels.com

Where to find them

Address: 43 Kloof St, Gardens, Cape Town, 8001
Phone: 021 422 2963
Hours (Mon to Sat): 11AM–6PM

3. Metal Machine Tattoo Studio

With accolades dating back to the late 90’s – Metal Machine Tattoo Studio has got the designing tattoos and tattooing down to a fine art! Quite literally. Stenciled or Freehand, their artist (in-house or guest artists) specialise in multiple styles – whether it be a small tattoo or a full bodysuit.

Two hands reaching out covered in tattoo

Where to find them

Address45 Shortmarket St, Central, Cape Town, 8001

Phone021 423 0688

Hours (Mon to Fri): 10AM – 5PM; Saturday: 10AM-3PM

4. Sins of Style

According to their website (http://www.sinsofstyle.com/) sin means separation. Sins Of Style means the separation of styles. At Sins of Style – they focus a lot on how they can put their personal stamp on various styles. With intense attention to detail – it is no wonder that Sins of Style has been making waves in the Cape Town Tattoo industry.

Where to find them

Address37 Barrack St, City Centre, Cape Town, 8001

Phone082 657 3973

Hours (Mon – Fri): 11 AM-6 PM; Sat: 11AM – 4PM

Next time you are thinking getting a tattoo, consider these four options. And if you ever catch yourself staring at someone with tattoos – think of these artists. Do you believe tattoos are an art form? Let us know in the comments below.

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