On the back foot of Rocking the Daisies, we thought it would be best to let you know that there is more! However, as far as the festival cliché goes, Endlessdaze is anything but that. Endlessdaze oozes an overwhelming aura of heavenly imperfect perfection.

Let’s break this down in a way that festival goers will appreciate by analyzing the elements that make a perfect festival and how Endlessdaze meets each and everyone one of these criteria. First, we need to ask ourselves what makes the perfect festival… well… perfect. Is it the decor, the food, the music, the people, the security, the location? These are all important aspects but we have chosen to narrow down the perfect festival criteria to a mere seven make or break points.

Cape Town EndlessDaze Summer Festival Poster
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Location, Location, Location:

Location is everything and this is no different when it comes to music festivals. Location isn’t just about the beautiful sunsets or the perfectly placed wade of water. Accessibility is key for both the fans and the production team. Endlessdaze is situated on Silverstroom Resort which is less that 10m from the beach and due to its previous requisite as a camping site it makes it the perfect spot for festival camping. Silverstroom is a good distance away from private residences making noise complaints non-existent. There are glamping options for those who require it but remember when it comes to Endlessdaze, It is the raw passion of the festival experience on a plate with a side plate of breath-taking sunsets.

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Fans can vouch for this one, nothing is worse than your favourite festivals clashing with one another. Endlessdaze falls in the heart of festival season and always takes place at the beginning of November (this year 2-4 November) making it somewhat easier to plan for. We rate that Endlessdaze falls at the perfect time. It allows Instagram to recover from the after wave of Daisies and it gives everyone’s bank account time to get ready for the next round.

Cape Town Endlessdaze Summer festival
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It can easily be said that this is the most important factor with any festival. With the influx of free-flowing alcohol, wading waters, drugs, and a somewhat reckless attitude it is vital for security to be a big priority for festival organizers. In the case of Endlessdaze, its small size and lack of popularity make it so much safer than most festivals. It still faces its battles with drunks and other problem makers but it has dealt with these situations seamlessly in the past to bring forward a safe and invigorating experience. It should be said that Endlessdaze remains true the heart of good old festival experiences and although safety is a priority, ‘not for sissies’ still remains an adequate motto.

Cape Town Festival Endlessdaze summer Sunset
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The topic that causes all our hearts to skip a beat but remains a battle we all have to face. Festival expenses can quickly become a cause for concern, with a rise in demand and the existence of capitalism inflation is more real than ever.  However, Endlessdaze comes through yet again providing a budget-friendly weekend of pure bliss. They have food trucks that offer high-quality chow that satisfies your stomach and your budget. Coffee prices are better here than they are in town. So do not fall into the fear trap of going broke. You are also allowed to bring through your own food and drink just keep the glass at home.

Endlessdaze ticket prices remain to be some of the best news any of us festival goers have ever heard. Early bird ticket prices 2018 for 3 days camping included is R600, General admission is R750. Which has us whipping our wallets out faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100m.

Cape Town Summer Festival Endlessdaze
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The People:

Your vibe definitely attracts your tribe when it comes to festivals. The type of people you attract will indefinitely add to the atmosphere at the festival. Endlessdaze obviously caters for all and isn’t restricted to an exclusive members club. It does, however, tend to attract a more ‘indie alternative crowd.’ The festivals boast a chilled seaside vibe in the morning and a ‘get wrecked’ vibe in the evening. The people are super friendly and you’ll often find yourself mingling with a wide variety of people.

Cape Town Summer Festival Endlessdaze
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A big sacrifice festival goers usually make is giving up luxury bathrooms at home for good old porter potties and dry shampoo, but not this time! We’d say this is where Endlessdaze takes the cake. Due to its presence on a campsite, they offer fully equipped bathrooms, we’re talking brick and cement here people! If that doesn’t already make you want to go… they have showers too! We can confidently say you’ll be more than pleased with the restroom facilities at Endlessdaze.

Line up poster for Endlessdaze Festival
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The line up:

One of the main reasons why people go to festivals as well as one of the main contributing factors as to which vibe tribe shows up. Endlessdaze continues to feed our souls and nourish our eardrums with great musicians. The line-up this year includes Dead Meadow (USA), Witch (Zm+EU), Nonn (SE), Diamond Thug, Black Math, Runaway Nuns, Black Lung, Sakawa Boys, Masaki, Julia Roberts, Them Fads, Holy Funk and many more!!

All in all, Endlessdaze is definitely worth every cent and will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. We hope to see you there and our eyes will be locked onto the Instagram feeds and the #Endlessdaze2018 trend.

Will you be attending The Endlessdaze Festival? Let us know in the comments below!

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