Have you ever noticed how people talk louder when they drink a glass of wine? Apparently, it has something to do with the alcohol content that’s listed by volume. But who even cares about that when everybody knows that drinking wine doesn’t make you fat, it makes you lean (against tables and chairs and walls) …

Oh, my! Too many cheesy wine jokes, Trendees? Wait, did someone just mention a cheese and wine pairing? You guys just simply have to forgive us. Since the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, aka wine-country, is just around the corner from Cape Town, we had no choice but to hop on over and enjoy a glass of the good stuff. Since wine is how classy people get wasted, here is a list of must-try vineyards or markets to visit today:

Wine Estate in Stellenbosch Wine Tasting
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1. Blaauwklippen Vineyards:

Here’s an interesting tidbit about Blaauwklippen. According to their website, politician, Cecil John Rhodes became the owner in 1899 but the vineyard only belonged to him for one day. Mmmmm, that sounds like an interesting story. Maybe one of the skilled advisors in their tasting center could tell you a bit more as you enjoy a wine and macaron tasting. Be sure to relax while your kiddies run around, wild and free because Blaauwklippen also has a beautiful safe garden to play or have a picnic in.

2. Cavalli Estate:

Situated in the Helderberg region, Cavalli will amaze your eyes with breath-taking views of the surrounding mountains and the imposing architecture and dramatic interior design of the tasting room on the ground-level will make for some pretty epic Instagram photos, #like. Are you an art lover? Their gallery, which was the winner of the regional 2015 Best of Wine Tourism Award for Art and Culture, hosts the best of what SA’s artists has to offer. Afterwards, simply cross the road and go to the next vineyard on our list:

Wine tasting at the a wine farm in Cape Town
Image via: Cavallistud.za

3. Eikendal Wine Estate:

What is the one thing that probably every person alive have in common? A love for pizza, of course! At Eikendal, you can experience a delicious pizza and wine pairing while your kids have a little cookie tasting of their own. Afterwards, enjoy a family walk through the vineyards or even an exquisite Italian meal at Cucina di Giovanni, the restaurant next to the tasting center. Check, check, check!

4. Delheim Wine Estate:

Wine tasting at Delheim
Image via: Delheim za

This family-owned farm is definitely worth praising, not just over their fabulous wines, but also their extensive efforts to incorporate sustainable practices into the winemaking process. They won the prestigious Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices Award in 2008 and we can definitely see why. They use a bio-natural water management plant to recycle all waste water cutting the usage of this valuable resource by 70%. Isn’t that amazing!? Living in Cape Town, we all know how important this is ;).

Last but not least (drumroll please) …

Root 44 Market Stellenbosch in Cape Town
Image via: Root 44 Market za

5. Root44 Farmer’s Market:

Come hell or high water, you will be sure to find this market every weekend and it calls for a perfect Sunday afternoon adventure. This market is simply bustling to the brim with live entertainment, artsy traders with crafty goods and food! Oh dear me, the food (closes eyes in delight). There is literally something to tickle anyone’s fancy, whether you’re a health nut or looking to load up on some calories. This is a judgment-free zone, Trendees, bring on the cake. Pair your lunch with a delicious wine from one of the vendors and you’re set.

There you have it – the top five locations to visit to enjoy a glass of Stellenbosch’ finest.

Have you visited any of these top five vineyards in Cape Town? Let us know in the comments below!

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