Ugly Fashion:

Ugly – is described as an unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance. If you haven’t noticed ”ugly fashion” is taking the world by storm. And this is why…

Lately, alternative is where it’s at and not just in the fashion industry. Alternative artists are having tremendous success. Ugly fashion is in the alternative category, only because it goes against what society sees as beautiful. It is exactly that, its the difference, that makes it so beautiful too. We find ugly fashion to be a number of things, but ugly is definitely not one of them. We feel that fashion and style are supposed to go against the norm. It is supposed to be innovative. Fashion and style is an expression of someone’s creativity. So who are we to call it ugly?

Singer Rhianna wears a fashionable Dress on the Red Carpet
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The Shapes and Forms:

It is great to see that something so different can be at the forefront. It really makes it evident that the world is becoming more accepting.

Before we had to conform to the way of the world to feel good about what we wear, but this new trend (which we hope is here to stay)  not only allows us to discard of old-fashioned ways but it allows us to create more gender-neutral clothing. Men are often limited when it comes to clothing, but ugly fashion showed the world that men are more than white t-shirts and jeans.

Ugly fashion doesn’t focus on the human form. It creates new shapes and forms. Ugly fashion is baggy and it has a lot of movement. Creating looks that are simple but it definitely succeeds in making a statement.

fashion Balenciaga shoe sneakers
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The Styles:

One thing that comes to mind when we think of alternative fashion is Japanese street style. Although all of the Japanese street styles are alternative, styles like the Vintage Remake Style and the Colourful Layered Style stand out to us. It is in these styles we can see what “ugly” fashion is about. These styles focus on “ugly” pieces of clothing and by customizing and layering pieces to create looks that turn heads. And that is more or less what ugly fashion is.

Ugly Fashion with Jackets and clothing that is not so Trendy
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Do we think ugly fashion is ugly? No! Not hideous but in fact genius…

What is your opinion on Ugly Fashion? We would love to know. Let us know in the comments below!

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