Ramen Noodles:

Ramen seems easy enough to make, right? Pop some Maggie in the pot and…no. It takes skill to make a steaming bowl of comfort that equally looks like a fine piece of modern art. The iconic Japanese ramen we see in our favourite anime’s are available at these spots in Cape Town. Time to get your rahm-on!

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1. Downtown Ramen:

Stepping into the restaurant above Lefty’s is like being in a darkly lit farmhouse where a crazy scientist is working on a ground-breaking experiment. We weren’t off topic, trying the ramen was a flavour explosion experience of note! The portions are generous and come with a ginormous ladle to slurp every drop. Our favourite pick: We love our nyama, but surprisingly lapped up the TOFU Kimiko ramen! A sweet, delicious, fresh burst of soup with a flavour as deep as our empty wallets. They only offer two types of ramen, the other being the Shoyu Ramen, which is PORK BELLY. This broth was a bit too salty to sit with us. Sorry ’bout it.

Location: 103 Harrington St Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925 (Lefty’s)

Web: Downtown Ramen Facebook

Ramen Noodles at Ramen Downtown
Image via: Eat Out ZA

2. Haru:

In Korean, ‘haru’ means ‘day’, and in Japanese it means ‘spring’. We all know you actually associate it with the name screamed throughout Arriety – poor Haru. Tucked away in larney rondebosch is a sophisticated spot, specialising in Korean and Japanese ramen & sushi. It’s like we walked straight into a K-drama, waiting for the dashing lead to instantly fall in love with us as they walk past in a gust of mysterious wind.

Ramen Noodles
Image via: obi-restaurant-ramen za

Haru favours QUALITY over quantity, which is evident in the taste of the ramen! The condensed menu means more attention is put into creating a hearty, tasty meal made with love 🙂 Again, we tried the Shoyu ramen, and the addition of bean sprouts makes it ultra fresh and crunchy! The egg was the perfect texture, not too hard, not too runny (cue lols). There is some red spice on the table to give your soup a kick if that’s what you’re into!

Location: 92 Campground Rd, Rondebosch

Web: Haru Facebook

food Ramen Noodles
Image via: Confessions of a Fit Foodie za

3. Willoughby & Co:

It’s where? In a mall? This surely can’t be a cut above Spur? WRONG. Many, many times we have walked past this restaurant under the same impression. You know, you’re running off to get the new Mac lippy, and this restaurant is just a blur on your mission. Have you ever heard that saying “don’t judge a person by their Instagram”? – well, don’t judge Willoughby & Co by its exterior!

They offer an extensive menu, which can be brutal for the indecisive millennials we are. This gem will keep you drooling, thinking how you could have missed out on all this deliciousness. We tried the MISO ramen, which is an aesthetically pleasing light spicy broth, and features rolled-up chicken! The chicken is a bit vanilla for us, but slurping it up with the soup and some noodle is a perfect combination. This ramen is small and pricey, but let’s just say it fits into the designer store vibe of the Waterfront.

The location is a bit of a downer, as it’s right bang in the middle of the mall, but we can almost forget about it because of the food. They are usually packed so the service can be very slow, but this is strangely worth it because of the tasty food. GIVE THEM A CHANCE. Just like you want your crush to take a chance on you, despite your last selfie on Instagram being from 2016.

Food Noodles
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Location: V&A Waterfront

Web: Willoughby&Co

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