Jean Citto:

The Cape Town music industry is buzzing with new fresh talent and upcoming artists making a name for themselves. One of these talented artists being 25-year-old singer, Jean Citto.

Singer Jean Citto
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Jean Citto’s Musical Career:

Jean discovered his love for music at the age of 19. It was during his second year of studying sound engineering when he realized the potential of his voice. Jean then decided that he would rather be up on stage than behind the mic contributing to the better sound of other musicians. However, it was only after his entry on the second season of The Voice South Africa where he made the decision to make his dream come true and use the passion for singing and turn it into a career and there’s been no pause in his hustle for success ever since.

A Fashionable musical singer
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Jean Citto’s Genre of Music:

You may be wondering on what type of music Jean focuses on, and when asked this was his response, “I generally try to focus on my own unique sound. My songs can’t necessarily be put into any specific genre, I try to stay true to Cape town but I also tend to work on it being more of an international sound, it’s not commercial but it’s not R&B either its me.” And his “Me” sound has without a doubt been making waves in the industry, with two singles, Hoax and GTKY (Get to know you) – with its official music video released and a third single “Sober” to be released in December this year, this driven and motivated 25-year-old has no intention of giving up on his vision coming to life.

Jean Citto’s Challenges:

Of course, Jeans success isn’t all without challenges, Jean states that starting this journey was difficult too as he had to be highly self-motivated and remain his number one fan at all times. Convincing the people in his life especially his family – to support this dream and stand by it was also a difficult part of his journey. Thankfully he managed to get them on board as he continued to do what he loves. Jean claims that his journey was made a lot less scary and much more fulfilling with the love and support he gets from his friends who he claims keeps him grounded and constantly reminds him that he is loved no matter what.

Singer Jean Citto
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Jean Citto’s Advice to Artists:

Jeans advice to any artist starting out in the industry is simply to find that handful of friends and people who have the same love and passion for music as you do as they help you find peace and joy while battling the struggles that come with the industry.
“Your dream is only as big as you choose to make it, so don’t allow it to have an end.”- said Jean Citto. These are the artist’s words to live by, and honestly, we feel we should all live by it too. Both of his singles  are available on Spotify and iTunes. You can also stream his music video here:

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