You know what they say: laughter is the best medicine! We couldn’t agree more! This is why we want to fill you in on a really cool comedy show that’s happening at Aroma Cafe this Wednesday the 7th of November. If you are a fan of comedy and one-liners (really dry one-liners) this event is for you. This is a comedy show that is presented for funny intellectuals by funny intellectuals!

Comedy Night

What Can You Expect?

You can expect good food, cool vibes and great comedy. Guests attending the comedy night can expect to meet new and exciting people from in and around Cape Town and must not be too shy to mingle with the starring comedians.

We called up one of our favourite comedians Ruariri Rorz Abrahams he gave us a little sneak peek into what we can expect at the show this Wednesday!

Joke 1: 

”I was offered shares in a thriving fabric business. But I turned it down because I’m not materialistic” – Ruariri Rorz Abrahams

Joke 2:

 ”A cat strolled into a church. He saw a mouse scuttling around. He said ”prey”- Ruariri Rorz Abrahams.

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The Starring Comedians:

The show is starring some of the best, funniest and most talented comedians in town! To name a few of some of the comedians that will be performing include: Reagen Allen (your host), MiloHotChocolate, Ruariri Rorz Abrahams, Will Spogter, Pius Xulu, Yaaseen Barnes and Esti Strydo.

Comedy Night Poster
Image via: Facebook ZA

The Price:

The comedy show only costs R60 per person! Tickets will be available at the door so get there early so you can grab yourself a ticket and seat at the event!


About Aroma Cafe:

The Aroma Cafe is located in Cape Town’s CBD on the corner of Loop and Longmarket Streets. The cafe offers guests outside and outdoor seating within the restaurant. Aroma Cafe is open from 7am to 6pm. The cafe is also open on First Thursdays and it is such a vibe!

Image via: Cape Town Daily

The Decor:

The restaurant features velvet seating areas, small tables, a bar, and serving area. The restaurant features horse photography on the walls of the cafe. Jason who is the owner and founder of the cafe has an extreme interest in horse racing and has decided to incorporate the elements of horse photography into his restaurant. The photography and decor definitely add character and warmth into the restaurant.

Cafe Aroma
Image via: Dinning Out ZA

The Food:

The menu is a medium-sized one. They have fresh and delicious food that you can order from the restaurant. One of the most popular on the menu is Jason’s banana loaf. The banana loaf recipe which is a popular order. Guests can enjoy breakfasts, light meals, and freshly baked desserts. At the restaurant, they also offer tea, coffee, juices, and smoothies! You have to try out their cappuccino – we promise you that you will not be disappointed. Let’s live, laugh and enjoy the evening. We will see you there!

Will you be attending the Aroma Cafe and the comedy show? Let us know in the comments below!

Stay TrendE.

Time: 8pm – 11pm

Where: Aroma Cafe, Loop street