Ariana Grande:

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson recently broke off their quick engagement and even called off their short relationship.  The messiness is real between the two and have since gone back and forth throwing some shade towards each other.

Ariana Grande
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Ariana and Pete’s Relationship:

Both Ariana and Pete were coming out of long relationships very close to the start of their relationship, which tells us they were obviously rebounds to each other and were bound to not work out.

Fans thought the couple was moving way too fast getting matching bae tattoos and getting engaged in the first month of their relationship, so it didn’t come as a surprise when they called it quits.

Pete Davidson:

Davidson has been engaged twice before so this isn’t his first time with a failed engagement.  This might be why he doesn’t seem too bothered by the break-up or maybe he’s just masking his pain with humour. What we do know is that Miss Grande is in her feelings about Pete joking about their failed engagement on Saturday Night Live.  In a recent promo clip for SNL, Pete asks one of co-stars if she’d marry him, after she says “no.” He then says “0 to 3” and awkwardly smiles at the camera. This is a reference to his three failed engagements.  Ariana didn’t find his joke funny at all! This was after they just called off their engagement only two weeks before the SNL promo aired.

Pete Davidson
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The Shade:

The God Is A Woman singer clapped back at her ex by posting and then later deleting a comment under the post basically calling Pete Davidson a clout chaser. She wrote “For someone who claims to hate relevancy, you sure love clinging to it huh.”  She also retweeted a fan who wrote “SNL is about to milk their break-up like they did their engagement”.

Ariana Grande
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What Fans Have To Say:

Fans and blogs have been accusing Pete Davidson of using Ariana Grande to become more relevant. She is obviously the bigger star with a significantly higher net worth.  And face it, many of us had no idea who he was before their relationship. So Ariana is being extra petty with these tweets by pretty much co-signing what we’ve all been thinking.

Ariana Grande Enagement Ring
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She really hit below the belt with the shade, or should we say ‘below in the comment section’. This is where y’all should leave your thoughts on whether Ariana is right for getting upset over the joke or should Pete be allowed to use what he’s lived as comedic material as most comedians do?

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