South Africa Fashion Week:

South African Fashion Week 2018 came and went by and as usual celebrities came in numbers as they attempted to slay the red carpet.

It’s no secret that local celebs hardly get it right on the red carpet as we have witnessed in recent years. Bonang and Moozlie however have been the most consistent with their red carpet looks, being called the best dressed in most appearances. Unfortunately though the Queen B was not spotted at the opening of SAFW.

The South African celebrity outfits at the SAFW were rather interesting…  Lets take a look at the best dressed and worst dressed of the evening:

The Best Dressed Celebrities:

1. Sarah Langa:

Sara wore a beautiful Gert-Johanne coetzee gown piece. We love how the gown accentuates her beautiful figure and the colour compliments her skin tone. This dress was definitely made for her! Her hair and make-up was on point. She definitely was the best dressed at the event.

Fashion Week
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2. Khanya Mkangisa:

The isidingo actress and selimathunzi presenter was wearing a keys fashion dress. The combination of the dress, hair and make-up was perfect we have no complaints.

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3. Lunga Shabalala:

“Mancave” and Selimathunzi presenter Lunga was dressed by ephymol. We don’t usually condone wearing sneakers on the red carpet but in this case it worked! The whole fit looks good on this man. Okay we suppose his dashingly good looks helps too!

 Lunga Shabalala SAFW
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4.Duma Ntando:

She wore a house of saint Luke dress which looked amazing on her and complimented her shape. She paired it with platform hills which was the icing on the cake!

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5. AKA:

The rapper is looked amazing in this black and green suit from house of fole. Not many can pull that off, we say kudos to you Mr Forbes!

Aka Rapper and Singer
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6. K Naomi:

She rocked an out of the box white jumpsuit from bridespalace. The top part was made to look somewhat like the top of a regular gown. This look was perfectly pieced we would be haters if we didn’t like it.

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The Worst Dressed Celebrities:

And of course there is always those celebrities who just couldn’t get it right…

1. Tshepi Vundla:

New mom Tshepi vundla showed up in a matching suit with a hint of lingerie and black heels. We love Tshepi and her girl next door personality but this here is not red carpet worthy, let alone SAFW worthy!

SA Fashion Week
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2. Moozlie:

Moozlie is almost always one of the best dressed celebrities but this time around it’s a no! The hair and male up looks great however the dress is all over the place. It also looks like its not really her size. This dress would be perfect for church though!

South African Fashion Week
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3. Bontle Modiselle:

She was basically wearing the same outfit as AKA which was also from house of fola and we are just not feeling it. You don’t wear leggings to a red carpet EVER! Really?

Aka and Bontle at SAFW
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We want to know who you think wore the best and worst outfits of the evening? Let us know in the comments below!

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