The Spring/Summer Collection 18/19

The Spring/Summer Collection 18/19 imagines that quintessential French essence adventuring hand-in-hand with Africa’s safari spirit. “When we were brainstorming ideas for this collection we thought of a French girl on safari”.

Fashion Mood Board
Image via: Photographer Mas-ood Petersen

The great escape

The collection is about celebrating the great escape, the amazing holiday-like moments in your day-to-day life and understanding that leisure is the new luxury.

The easy-care range is fitted out in 100% linens, cottons and viscose in a palette inspired by the mood of our continent: milk complements rust, fatigue-green offsets black and a rich cocoa-bean. Prints have an eye-catching presence: polka dots, bold and vibrant florals, gingham and stripes form part of this collection.


Something that many overlook is texture and we can assure you that Me & B did not. From the soft touch of the natural fabrics like tencel and cotton to the more textured of the linens. These two ideas collide and surprisingly creates a balanced and harmonized collection.

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Image via: Photographer Mas-ood Petersen

The set-dresser’s dream

This collection is the set-dresser’s dream. You can easily find items to mix-and-match in this collection, because nothing feels out of place. There is continuity throughout this whole collection, something I appreciate. Making this collection extremely aesthetically pleasing. The use of tortoise-shell buckles and buttons, and bamboo buckles, round out the celebration of naturals in fashion.


Image: Photographer Mas-ood Petersen

The Me&B Story

Me and B was founded in February of 2018 by the mother and daughter duo, Betina swart and Kelly Gibberd . Betina who has decades of experience in fashion design, manufacturing and production, teamed up with her daughter Kelly, a former retail fashion buyer to create a brand that celebrates timeless basics, with a nod to global and local trends.

“We wanted to make something for the consumer, because we noticed that big companies completely butcher the market by having an insane mark-up on their products and getting an insane amount of profit”

Kelly went on to explain that they want their garments to go from creation to consumers, cutting out the middleman and thus making their clothing less expensive than that of the bigger brands.

“Impeccable fit and amazing quality”

Not only does Me & B’s collections have a universal appeal, it rejects fast fashion. At Me & B they have your best interest at heart with garments that have impeccable fit and amazing quality while always taking sustainability into consideration when making decisions.

All of Me & B’s manufacturing happens in-house. Each piece of clothing is made by a skilled team of women working in Cape Town. When visiting Me & B you’re not just treated as a customer. At Me & B they are truly a family and when you walk through those doors you feel apart of that.

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Image via: Photographer Mas-ood Petersen

Me & B is the antidote to your fashion ennui. Everything they do is done with elan. Whether you’re a French girl on safari or just looking for something chic Me & B is the way to go. Me & B fabulous clothes made by fabulous people.

Go to to look at the this stunning collection and cop something fresh for this summer.

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