Pete Davidson – a Saturday Night Live presenter / comedian (or more famously known for being Ariana Grande’s ex fiance) – is in the news again. And no – it is not because they are back together.

So what happened?

The SNL star made controversial comments about a Republican politician. Newly elected politician, Dan Crenshaw, was mocked by Davidson for having an eye-patch. Crenshaw has a war injury and has to permanently wear an eye patch for protection.

This, however, did not stop the famous ex-fiance, from saying that Crenshaw looks like a villain in a porno film. The politician / veteran came on the SNL show to prove that he has some funny bones himself.

Dan joined Pete on SNL to level the playing field by saying, “Pete Davidson: he looks like the meth from Breaking Bad was a person.” Pete responded to his controversial comments about the former Navy Seal by telling them that he lost it during an tour to Afghanistan. He then said that he is sorry.

The reason that this, unlikely, duo came together was to “never forget” all the hard work of the veterans, firefighters and 911 fallen veterans. Dan said that all Americans should “Connect to a veteran. Tell a veteran “never forget” – you are in it with them. Connected with them as Americans.” Pete responded “Are we good?”


The apology was accepted but Dan got the last laugh. He then organised that his phone would ring (seemingly without Pete’s knowledge). What was the ringtone, you might ask? Non other that Ariana Grande’s “Breathin.” Pete looked truly shocked and he commended the veteran on his hilarious comebacks.

Now we are just wondering – we know that life in Hollywood moves at a rapid pace – BUT. Is Pete Davidson ever going to escape the Ariana Grande jokes / cloud? Or is he going to milk it? After all – this is how most of us got to know him.

All we’ve got to say is:

Thank you, next!

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