The festive season is around the corner ladies… and of course we need to look fabulous right!? Well, we have got it all figured out for you. We are reviewing some of the best South African make up brands out there in the market for you to purchase and look absolutely flawless this summer! Here are the four make up brands that you NEED to try out:

1. Switch Beauty:

First up we have Switch Beauty Cosmetics. A brand that will no doubt make you look like a QUEEN!  Switch Beauty is a South African make up brand that  has become very popular! Rabia Ghoor is the owner and founder of Switch Beauty, she has taken the beauty industry by storm! The brand has a massive range of cosmetic and skin care products for you to try out. The products include: Highlighters, Eye-shadows, Eyeliners, Brushes and so much more!

Here are some of their make up products below: 

make up
Via Switch Beauty’s website

2. Lulu Fox:

Lulu Fox is a South African make up brand that offers a series of beautiful and quality make up products that are eco-friendly! This brand describes themselves as an ”ecolux” as they do not test on animals. Their products are made from natural, organic and non toxic ingredients! How epic is that? Lulu Fox is one of the first natural and professional make up ranges to hit the South African shore! The brand offers a range of products for your face, lips, cheeks and more! These products include: Blush, Foundation and Eye Shadow.

Check out their make up products below!

3. Khrome Kosmetics:

Khrome Kosmectics was founded in 2017. The brand aims to empower women and men alike to be inspired by the brand as well as show women that inner beauty, confidence, radiance and power exists within themselves! Khrome Kosmetics has a range of cosmetics products, their most famous make up products are their amazing highlights that leave you GLOWING! Here are some of their make up products that you can purchase online @KhromeKosmetics

4. Shades of Mink:

Shades of Mink is one of the best South African skin care brands which are cruelty free and vegan. The brand offers skin care products – their famous product is The Mink Pot of Glow,  Luminizing Pudding. The day cream helps your skin glow. The product can be used as a pre-primer, highlighter and general moisturizer. This product leaves your skin fresh, soft and beautiful.

Here are some of their make up products: 

Which South African make up brand is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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